Supervisor asks victims of insulation fraud to report

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Supervisor Authority for Consumers & Markets (ACM) suspects that several insulation companies commit fraud when insulating homes. However, the number of reports submitted to ACM from consumers is lagging behind that expectation. That is why the regulator now calls on consumers to report if, for example, they were incompletely informed or were misled when they had their house insulated.

“Of course it seems good news that we receive few complaints about companies that insulate homes,” said ACM director Edwin van Houten in an explanation. “Unfortunately, we also have indications that there are companies that do not comply with the rules. Apparently consumers who are victims of this do not yet know how to find their way to the ACM.” That is why, according to him, this call is now made.

According to the ACM, for example, it happened that a company said that with cavity wall insulation the energy bill could be reduced by 30 to 50 percent. But actually that saving was a maximum of 30 percent of the electricity bill. “That is why ACM has had the company adjust the information on the website.”

In an analysis on its website, the regulator has listed problems that can occur with isolation. “It is a new and unknown product for many consumers,” the document states. “As a result, consumers often do not know what information they need to make an informed choice.” In addition to bad information beforehand, it may also turn out afterwards that the right material has not been used, so that the payback period is shorter. “Then the entrepreneur is responsible and must solve this problem. This is covered by the legal guarantee.”

Supervisor asks victims of insulation fraud to report
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