Survey finds Dutch people do little to prepare for old age

The Dutch are poorly prepared for their old age and the care that comes with it. That’s the conclusion based on a survey of more than 1,000 people commissioned by ActiZ, the umbrella organization for aged care. Industry groups have launched awareness campaigns.

More than 80% of Dutch people are not yet specifically prepared for the care they will need in old age. Also, more than half do not tell others about their retirement. For example, we think that we are still too young, or that we do not know what we can arrange now. Only a quarter of all Dutch people think about it on a regular basis.

“These are literally worrisome numbers,” says ActiZ Chairman Anneke Westerlaken. “Every Dutch person should start thinking about getting older now, because of the aging population and all the challenges healthcare already faces.” She says she considers herself old when she turns 73.

Westerlaken says it’s important to prepare people for the care they will receive in old age. Not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones. According to Westerlaken, that would prevent many problems. “Lonely and tripping hazards.” As a simple example, she cited removing the threshold of her home.

The industry group said a survey found that three-quarters of all Dutch people were willing to take care of their partners. And she’s 60% wanting her parents to do the same. Westerlaken is happy with that. “That’s a good thing, because the challenges in health care are not just about elderly care, but the whole of Holland.”

The province of North Brabant announced on Friday that it will donate €100,000 to the long-established racing organization KBO Brabant to raise awareness about care and elderly care. This allows the elderly to think about their living environment, such as courtyards and ‘neighborhood living’, which is a type of living support in their own neighborhood. Survey finds Dutch people do little to prepare for old age

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