Suspects attack Peter R. de Vries remain detained

The two men suspected of the attack on Peter R. de Vries must remain in prison longer. A judge has ruled that today. The men were arrested on Tuesday evening and have been in prison ever since.

The two men are called Kamil E. and Delano G. Kamil is Polish and Delano is from Rotterdam. Delano allegedly shot Peter R. de Vries. He had previously spent 10 months in a youth prison for committing criminal acts.

Ridouan Taghi

Police are investigating whether the major criminal Ridouan Taghi has anything to do with the attack. He is one of the most notorious criminals in the Netherlands. He is in prison and a major lawsuit is pending against him.

Nabil B. plays a major role in the case. He used to be a criminal himself and he is now a key witness.

What is a crown witness?

A key witness is someone who used to be a criminal himself, but now helps the police. They make an agreement together: in exchange for information about other criminals, the key witness himself will receive less punishment. Other criminals consider the key witness a traitor and want to stop him or her. That is why key witnesses are strictly protected.

Not only key witnesses themselves are at risk, also people in his or her environment. In the case of Nabil B., that was also apparent last year. His brother was murdered. And then his lawyer was also shot dead: Derk Wiersum.

Peter R. de Vries is Nabil B.’s advisor and helps him with the lawsuit against Taghi. And now he’s been shot too.

Suspects attack Peter R. de Vries remain detained
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