Suspects murder Peter R. de Vries had murder weapon with them

Still, the suspected murder weapon, a converted emergency pistol, was in the car with the two suspects when they were arrested. Just like a bag with a pistol-machine gun – with DNA of both suspects on it – and a plastic bottle of petrol, presumably intended to set the car on fire.

Today, Kamil E. told me that a day before the murder, he was asked to take someone away. “I asked if it was something illegal, but they told me not to worry.”

It was not clear who asked him to drive. Kamil E. claimed not to know his passenger Delano G. and said that two other unknowns had also traveled to Amsterdam.

But according to the OM, Kamil E. has also made a preliminary reconnaissance. The police saw on surveillance images that he was watching Peter R. de Vries walk to his car more than a week before the murder.

“Everything was well prepared, executed according to plan and the target was known,” the prosecutor said. According to the Public Prosecution Service, it is clear that the two suspects carried out the liquidation together. The evidence consists of statements from eyewitnesses, camera images, telephone records and trace evidence.


The police were able to accurately reconstruct the liquidation. Forty-five minutes before the murder, the suspects parked their Renault Kadjar on the Prinsengracht in Amsterdam. They walked together through the Lange Leidsedwarsstraat, past the back entrance of the studio of RTL Boulevard and past the parking garage where Peter R. de Vries had his car.

Then they went back to the car, where Delano G. changed clothes and left alone. He was wearing a cap, a camouflage jacket and a fanny pack, which were also found in the car after the murder. While Kamil E. was driving in circles, G. would have been waiting on a step for De Vries.

Just before 7:30 p.m., the crime reporter walked by. A witness saw the man on the stairs make “a grasping movement”, another saw how De Vries was shot. He was hit four times, including in the head. According to the Public Prosecution Service, Delano G. ran back to the Prinsengracht and got back into the car with Kamil E..

Thanks to witnesses and CCTV footage, the police were able to quickly trace the getaway car. A motorcycle police officer saw the Renault Kadjar driving, after which the suspects could be arrested 45 minutes after the murder.


The introductory session today attracted a large audience. The courtroom included friends and relatives of Peter R. de Vries. The Public Prosecution Service pointed out that De Vries was not only a popular crime reporter, but also assisted the key witness in the trial against the group around Ridouan Taghi. “It appears that this murder is related to his work,” the prosecutor said. “That makes this case hit like a bomb.”

The Public Prosecution Service reported that an investigation is also being conducted into who ordered the murder of De Vries. That investigation is separate from this case.

Anonymous file

Delano G.’s lawyer criticized the criminal file, where all the names of eyewitnesses, police officers, prosecutors, judges and experts have been omitted. He thinks a completely anonymous file is going too far. “We are not blind to safety concerns,” said lawyer Ronald van der Horst. “But that should not lead to a ghost trial.”

According to the Public Prosecution Service, all names have been anonymized for security reasons, but this does not have to be an obstacle for the defense to hear those involved or to test their findings.

Both Delano G. and Kamil E. will remain in jail for the time being. For the family of Peter R. de Vries it was an “exciting and fraught morning”, their lawyer Annemiek van Spanje said. “It was the first time they could see the suspects.”

Delano G. slumped in his chair during the session and was silent. Kamil E. said he didn’t want to explain more until he had read the file. The next of kin did not want to comment on the attitude of the suspects.

The case will continue in December and is expected to be heard in substance next spring.

Suspects murder Peter R. de Vries had murder weapon with them
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