Tata Steel investigates unloading coal residues in the sea

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Steel group Tata Steel is investigating allegations about unloading coal residues into the sea, the company reports. Tata is thus responding to an article in the Noord-Hollands Dagblad. On Friday, the newspaper reported on the basis of its own investigation that coal residues would be deliberately discharged from ships in the port of IJmuiden. According to Tata, the allegations are “so serious” that “targeted investigation is necessary”.

The newspaper spoke of bribery, criminal behavior and deliberate pollution. Tata has the investigation carried out by an external expert, but does not specify which one.

Tata already reported in the newspaper on Friday that he did not recognize himself in the picture outlined that “thousands of kilograms of raw materials are deliberately disappearing into the sea”. According to Tata, the relevant business unit was immediately instructed on Friday to follow all procedures and processes when unloading coal and ore. “That also applies to the internal control on this,” according to the company. Tata says it will continue to look “if and where improvements in the process are needed”.

Tata Steel must ensure that ships leave the port clean, but would pay skippers to secretly sweep the junk into the sea after departure, according to the newspaper. The cabinet announced on Friday that it wanted an explanation from Tata about the accusation that it dumps waste into the sea. State Secretary Vivianne Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management) will discuss the issue with the management during a previously planned working visit to the steel group. Heijnen pointed out that supervisors have also noticed for some time that Tata is careless with the transport of raw materials.

Tata Steel investigates unloading coal residues in the sea
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