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The company is on track to reduce operational costs by at least 15 percent by 2022. The staff also contribute to this. Money that was received was also only used for KLM purposes and no dividend was paid, according to the first report from the state agent based at KLM.

It is also being investigated whether KLM personnel made tax avoidance possible, or whether they themselves cooperated in it. This will be discussed in a subsequent report next fall.

Last year, research from TV program news hour It emerged that a number of KLM pilots live abroad and thus have to pay much less income tax to the Dutch State. Tax advisers would also be called in to help with this.

The Dutch government has so far provided KLM with 3.4 billion euros in aid. The package consists of loans, of which 1 billion euros directly from the government and 2.4 billion euros from banks. The Dutch government guarantees 90 percent of the loans from banks. KLM must repay the loans within 5.5 years. The state agent must monitor compliance with the agreements.

The state agent is not a member of the management or supervisory board of KLM. He does, however, have the right to put topics on the agenda at meetings, at which he may also be present. In addition, he must also be informed about the ins and outs of the company.

Hindrance aircraft

Plans to limit the nuisance caused by KLM aircraft have also been discussed recently. Further agreements will be made about this after the nuisance reduction plan has been tested by an independent party. An important point to reduce nuisance is to reduce the number of night flights at Schiphol. The law that should regulate this still has to pass the House of Representatives. As the largest user of Schiphol, KLM will also make a “proportionate contribution” to this, according to a letter to the House of Representatives.

It has also been agreed that KLM will reduce its CO2 emissions for departing flights to 2005 levels by 2030, as part of broader sustainability agreements. KLM believes it can reduce the total emissions of the flights even further. According to the state agent, the definitions need to be better coordinated in order to be able to test whether agreements are being met. The impact of the corona crisis, which resulted in much less flying, also gives a distorted picture here.

Tax structures at KLM personnel under scrutiny | Financial
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