Tbs extension for man who killed Sybine Jansons


The compulsory hospital order for a 59-year-old man convicted in 2001 of manslaughter of Sybine Jansons and rape of two other victims has been extended for two years. The chance that the man will go wrong again if the measure is terminated is estimated to be high. This is reported by the Central Netherlands District Court


According to the clinic where the man is staying and being treated and external experts, he still has various disorders. The risk of recidivism is also still present. This concerns both the risk of sexually violent and physically aggressive behavior. The clinic says the man’s situation looks worse than at the previous renewal session two years ago. The advice is therefore to renew the compulsory hospitalization order for another two years.


The treatments the man has undergone have only yielded limited results. According to the clinic, it makes no sense to continue with the treatment. There is insufficient development and there are no possibilities to be able to rehabilitate safely. Other treatment or intervention options are not seen. In the coming period, no applications for leave for supervised leave will be started. Leave could currently lead to risky situations. The clinic has submitted an application to the National Advisory Committee for the Placement of Long-term Forensic Psychiatric Care to have the man placed in the ‘Longstay ward’. A decision has yet to be made on this application.

Renewal by two years

By extending the measure by two years, the court ignores the man’s request to extend the term by only one year. The starting point of the court is that if it has become plausible that the treatment will take longer than one year, the TBS order must be extended for a period of two years. According to the court, there is no special circumstance that makes it necessary to deviate from this. Moreover, it is not expected that a rehabilitation process will start in the foreseeable future. In view of the man’s problems and the estimated risk of recidivism, the hospital order will not be terminated in a year’s time.

The court is therefore extending the compulsory hospitalization order by two years.

Tbs extension for man who killed Sybine Jansons
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