Temperatures are expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius on Monday.New drought record expected

The dip in Dutch thermometers won’t last long, with temperatures expected to reach 30 degrees Celsius over the weekend and around 32 degrees Celsius on Monday. Dry weather is expected to last at least until next Tuesday or Wednesday, according to the Dutch Meteorological Agency KNMI.

De Bilt’s current record for consecutive days without measurable rain is 33, and it will match that number on Wednesday. The centrally located city is considered the meteorological average of the country.

About 85% of the Netherlands has not had rain since May 13, according to the Wheelon Line, with the exception of a few localized light rains. Current records date back to 2007.

More winds are expected this afternoon with highs of 24°C in the north to 27°C in the south. With winds and a very low chance of rain, tens of thousands of children should be able to easily attend an outdoor play day. With the goal of turning Holland into a giant playground, activities were organized around the country by Janche Betton and Nickelodeon. for all children.

After dropping about 10 degrees overnight, temperatures should rise to near the same highs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. However, the strong wind almost stops.

A comfortable Saturday gives way to an even hotter Sunday, with mercury temperatures set to rise to 28-30 degrees Celsius. A nationwide ‘tropical’ day is most likely when temperatures hit 30.0 degrees in De Bild in Utrecht.

A high of 30-32 degrees Celsius is expected in the Netherlands on Monday. The forecast for Tuesday is a bit more dodgy, with mercury temperatures in the 26-31C range and showers or storms possible. Nights are a little warmer, ranging from 16 to 21 degrees.

“Thunderstorms and rain are possible [June 21]But after that the chance of dry weather increases to 60 percent,” KNMI said. “Both the maximum and minimum temperatures will be above their long-term averages.”

https://nltimes.nl/2023/06/14/temps-climb-high-32degc-monday-new-drought-record-likely Temperatures are expected to reach 32 degrees Celsius on Monday.New drought record expected

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