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The northern provinces of Friesland, Drenthe, and Groningen are experiencing an unexpected resurgence of summer-like weather this week, with local temperatures poised to soar today and tomorrow. “We should seize this opportunity and make the most of it,” advises meteorologist Jan Jonkman.

Despite meteorologists officially marking the start of autumn just last Friday, it appears that nature has other plans, disregarding the transition to cooler temperatures. Instead, the region is enjoying the revival of summer.

In the northern provinces, residents can expect the next few days filled with sunshine and steadily high temperatures. The height of the heatwave is anticipated on Thursday and Friday when the eastern and southeastern regions of the provinces could experience highs of up to a scorching 31 degrees Celsius.

This abrupt return to summer-like conditions in September is a noteworthy and somewhat surprising turn of events, weather specialists say, especially considering that the month of August did not bring with it the typical tropical heat. “This is particularly remarkable because such hot weather was scarce throughout the entire summer season,” Jonkman remarks. “While it’s not uncommon to experience Spanish air currents bringing warmth in September, this is an exceptionally unique occurrence.”

Each day will feature a gentle, predominantly easterly breeze. The rest of week will continue to offer warm temperatures in the range of 29-30 degrees Celsius. Even on Monday, as the heat begins to slightly recede, the warmth will persist.

A regional heatwave is not entirely out of the question for the Netherlands, with the highest likelihood expected in the southeastern part of the country. Although the sun’s intensity decreases somewhat during this time of the year, it can still reach a level five strength in the afternoon. Skin can burn within just half an hour, so the advice remains to generously apply sunscreen.

Next week will see a decline in temperatures and occasional showers, but until then, the weather appears to be extremely promising. “It’s already September, so I’d strongly recommend taking full advantage of this extraordinary week,” Jonkman suggests.

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