Terraces and shops open again, cities satisfied with first day relaxation

Shopping without an appointment

It was also allowed to shop again today without an appointment. That led to crowds in the shopping streets. Immediately after opening, there was a long line at IKEA in Barendrecht; in the center of the four major cities, clothing stores attracted a lot of attention. The stores may receive one customer per 25 square meters.

In The Hague it was especially busy in the area around the Grote Markt and the Plein, where there are many pubs and cafes. According to a spokesman for the municipality, many entrepreneurs showed themselves there “from their best side”. “The terraces were quickly empty and all things were immediately collected so that no new passers-by could sit down. In short, very cooperative.”

Most stores in The Hague had taken precautions with fences and tape on the floor. “It was quiet, pleasant, just like on King’s Day.” There were, however, huge queues, especially at Primark. But the wait was disciplined. The day went smoothly for the rest, also at Scheveningen. “

In Utrecht there were long queues in front of shops on the Vredenburg and in Hoog Catharijne. In some places people were turned away when the lines got too long.

Christmas script

“People were clearly looking forward to it today,” says a spokesperson for the municipality of Utrecht. “The terraces were well occupied, but nowhere overcrowded. There were many groups and families in the city. Of course the weather is nice and people are on holiday, but we continue to say that everyone should handle the situation responsibly.”

From King’s Day, Utrecht will work with a scenario that is normally used in the days before Christmas. For example, extra enforcers in red vests are deployed, who have to warn boas and the police if it threatens to become too full somewhere. “That is purely preventive now, because it has not become really extremely busy. From next week we will see whether adjustments can be made.”

The Kalverstraat in Amsterdam also attracted many people this afternoon. According to a spokesperson for the municipality of Amsterdam, it was “pleasantly busy” in the city today, without further details. “The day went quietly and smoothly. In the shopping streets, the clothing stores of the large chains were especially popular.”

More street waste

Rotterdam was not extremely busy either. “Small groups formed here and there, but there were no nuisances, although more street rubbish was left behind,” said a spokesman. “It was fairly busy in the shopping streets, but the atmosphere was good. Everything went well.”

Terraces and shops open again, cities satisfied with first day relaxation
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