That’s how Rob Kemps became the Smartest Person

Philip Freriks called him ‘the outsider’ during the final. But still Rob Kemps, aka Snollebollekes, does it: he is now officially the Smartest Man. During the final last night, he beat television producer Emma Wortelboer and comedian Andries Tunru. With a question about Willeke Alberti, and afterwards Tunru posted a video clip Being together.

Rob Kemp has appeared on the program ten times and was the smartest of the day five times. He also entered the final round with a lead: he had 344 seconds, Tunru 335. The outsider, “but dressed like a winner”.

Final question: Willeke Alberti

After questions about Pavarotti, Keith Bakker and the CBR, the final question came: “What do you know about Willeke Alberti?”. Tunru was allowed to start and was behind. He still had 53 seconds, Kemps 77. The former had four correct answers and was allowed to start.

However, the comedian could only come up with three correct answers: singer, Johnny de Mol and, after much thought, Willy Alberti. Then the job was free for Snollebollekes. His opponent was three seconds, he himself had seventeen.

One correct answer was enough, and that answer was probably exactly the number Tunru was looking for: Being together. And yes, almost immediately Kemps knows how to give the right answer and it is done. The Smartest Person in the Netherlands is Snollebollekes! “Unbelievable, nondeju!” Said Kemps during the victory. “To put it in old Dutch: the consumption!”

Being together

Tunru is a sporty loser, because as mentioned before, he placed a video clip just after the final Being together. In it he sings the song of Willeke Alberti, which led to his loss in the final. Also ‘the smartest’ can be seen in the clip. First Tunru sings under Kemps’s window, then they drink a glass of wine, break bread and enjoy themselves together. Kemps also receives a mug of chocolate milk from the sporty loser with ‘I’m the smartest’ on it.

In the end, Tunru can also feel what it is like to be the Smartest Man: he gets a Snollebollekes suit, loses during the Smartest Man board game and the two have the greatest fun together. The phone call from the third finalist, Emma Wortelboer, is therefore pushed away. Tunru and Kemps just want to be together.

‘Rob Kemps has to do May 4 lecture’

Celebrities also responded en masse to the final: they think Kemps is a justified winner. “Congratulations to Rob Kemps,“ colleague ”, with your rightful victory!”, Maik de Boer writes under a photo of them together on Instagram. Congratulations also come from the royal family. “Awesome. Well done!! Congratulations ”, writes Pieter-Christiaan van Oranje-Nassau.

Journalist Nynke de Jong argues for Kemps to be responsible for the May 4 lecture. Weather woman and former competitor Helga van Leur is especially relieved that Kemps has won. “The fact that I was played the Smartest Human by the eventual winner Rob Kemps van de Snollebollekes eases the pain a bit.”

Did you miss the final? You can watch it via NPO Start.

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That’s how Rob Kemps became the Smartest Person

That's how Rob Kemps became the Smartest Person
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