The 5 favorite podcasts of … Arjan Snijders

There are podcasts to choose from. To guide you, let media platform SpreekTube.nl select a media person his or her favorite podcasts every week. Today: Arjan Snijders’ five favorites.

Arjan Snijders is a radio historian and podcast maker. He has made radio programs for TalkRadio, 3FM, Radio 2 and NH Radio, among others. In 2019, radio had existed for exactly a century and Snijders made the podcast series together with Harm Edens 100 Years of Radio. The podcast series was then continued and, in addition to Edens and Snijders, Ron Vergouwen is part of the series that started in 2020 This Was The Radio. It discusses current radio, again with many fragments and conversations with makers. Arjan Snijders’ favorites are:

Arjan Snijders’ favorite podcasts

1. This Sounds Serious

“A lot of people think that podcasts are a thing of the last years, then in America Serial and This American Life breakthroughs. Yet podcasts have been around for over fifteen years, but it is still true that the best podcasts come from America. In such a large language area and with such uninteresting ‘normal’ radio there, the podcast is an ideal addition, made with a lot of budget and you can hear it. This Sounds Serious is such an exciting series, with stories like ‘what’s behind this 112 phone call’. Well made and something you want to listen to. ”

2. A podcast about media

“Many podcasts also consist of people chatting. If that is Alexander Klöpping and Ernst Jan Pfauth, the advantage is that, in addition to being ad-rem and friends, they also know a lot about new media and business. And having a progressive view on that, so not the standard ‘seeing opportunities’ bullshit that you hear in many BNR podcasts. You learn from it and you automatically feel a bit smarter after listening. And that with a smile on your face! ” You can find the podcast here.

3. Fab4Cast

“Three Beatles fans who listened a lot to my own Macca Podcast (about Paul McCartney), ten years old by the way this month, also started their own series and dive deep into the matter. Especially the detailed song analyzes of Jan-Cees ter Brugge, who uncover new pieces of music, are to die for. Far too geeky for mainstream radio and therefore excellent for podcasts! ”

4. From Two Sides

“Corine Koole van de Volkskrant interviews two people about love and life. There are hundreds of podcasts, but Corine is quite empathic. Both conversations were recorded separately, which is always revealing. How differently two people tell about the same (often radical) events. Fine voyeurism. Something to talk about. Corine recently had to stop de Volkskrant with this series, but the series is worth catching up, if you haven’t heard them yet! ”

5. A good hour of Ischa

“This podcast series – made 25 years after the death of Ischa Meijer – shows what mainstream radio is missing today. Namely, daring to be outspoken, fearless of consequences, allowed to be eloquent without fear that you are too elitist, disrupting where you should be right now. Ischa actually made podcasts when they did not exist, but on the regular (VPRO) radio. The retrospect is every episode with someone who knew Ischa well, which provides a nice, personal analysis, also of his annoying and insufferable sides. Even if you’ve never heard from that apparently legendary interviewer, this will fascinate you.

Looking back with the audio of it is a bit trendy This Was The Radio also happens. It’s a beautiful shape, because you can’t ignore how it looks, even though your memory may have drawn a completely different picture in your head. ”

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The 5 favorite podcasts of… Arjan Snijders

The 5 favorite podcasts of ... Arjan Snijders
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