The best websites to trade CS:GO skins safely.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a brilliant game. The game doesn’t stop on giving gamers great shooting mechanics but also gives an opportunity to get cosmetics inside it. There is a wide variety of skins in Counter-Strike, and they may be incredibly expensive. Even some regular knives cost about 100 dollars on the Steam Market, while rare ones may be sold for more than 8000 dollars. So that, many users try to steal these cosmetics from other users, so the main question is where to find  safe CSGO trading sites.

The only issue is that there are a huge diversity of CSGO websites. Some may just be uncomfortable for many users, due to lack of demanded mechanics, while other ones may just scam people. Nevertheless, here is the list of the best CSGO trading websites, which provide not only great services, but grant safety for users.


CS.MONEY is a great example of a perfect trading system forCSGO users.

After that, you may start trading. The main benefit of the website is that it counts everything while calculating the value of your skin. The float value, pattern, and rare stickers would be included in the total cost of the skin.

Filters on the website allow you to choose between the skins you can afford because there are even cheap variants for only a couple of cents.

Even more, you can inspect other players’ offers. However, they are often more expensive than they should be, so finding a profitable deal may be hard. And don’t be afraid of getting scammed. It is impossible. You are able not only to check the in-game look of the skin, but also use the 3D-viewer to check how the skin looks, all its animations, and find something similar to it. The 3D animation represents the real look of the skin, so you don’t have to open CSGO all the time while searching for something.

One more feature of CS.MONEY is that you can trade not only CSGO skins but also DotA 2 cosmetics. For example, you can trade your 10 dollars worth Dota 2 skin for some 10 dollars worth CSGO skin, and the procedure will just take a couple of minutes.

The great benefit is that you don’t have to donate real money. You can just trade the items you have. But if you found something precious, which costs a little more, than you may offer, you can deposit a couple of dollars.

However, there is some trick on the website. Most of the items you have will be calculated as more profitable than it is on Steam Market. This feature catches people, and they may think that CS.MONEY is much more profitable for them. But the skins on the website are also more expensive than on Steam. However, it is much easier to find something interesting on this website.

The absence of disadvantages makes CS.MONEY a great website for trading your CS skins. Even more, the fact, that they are sponsors of the NaVi team makes them even more trustworthy for all the players.


SkinBaron is a German website, which gives its users an opportunity to buy and sell skins for real money. The website is a regular partner of Anomaly, one of the most popular CSGO YouTubers.

The interface of the website is not as comfortable as it could be, but it provides everything users need. You have the categories of weapons to choose from, and you can buy skins starting from only 10 cents.

One more benefit is that you see how much money you save buying skins from SkinBaron. And it is not only the marketing bait. You can check everything yourself, going to Steam Market. Sometimes, you can save about 30% of your money, using this service.

Moreover, you are able to inspect all the possible information about the skin. There is no 3D-viewer, but you can look at it in-game. That feature is for people who don’t believe in the information the website provides.

You can also check immediately the phase of Doppler and Fade skins, which makes it even easier to navigate with SkinBaron.

However, the feature that everyone likes is selling skins for real money. Don’t dream about getting 100% of Steam Market value. It is not possible. But including all the commissions, you can get a great amount of money working with SkinBaron.

The only disadvantage of the website is that the selling feature may be unavailable for users from some CIS countries. Even a common VPN will not help with it. So, traveling somewhere, you need to be ready, that you may have issues with skin-trading via SkinBaron.

However, including all the benefits, SkinBaron is a trustworthy service for all the players, who are looking for nice skins for their collection or want to sell something valuable they have.


SkinPort is one more example of a German CSGO trading website. And everything is quite similar to SkinBaron.

To start with, it provides a much easier interface for all the users. It works more smoothly and highlights all the demanded categories.

The procedure of choosing skin varies from the one on the SkinBaron. The nuance is that SkinPort chooses the price of the skin itself. Although it is close to the Steam Market price, it is not the same in most cases. And the issue is that the value of how much cheaper the skin is is being calculated depending on the SkinPort price.

However, it is the only nuance you should be aware of. You can also easily check that buying skins on SkinPort is really beneficial for you. Steam Market doesn’t provide that great conditions and prices.

The selling procedure is also easy. First, you need to choose the skin. You see the price of it and you may change it. The website will help you find the correct price, telling whether you are going too cheap or too expensive.

However, the issue is also simple. You can easily buy skins without any problems, but you cannot sell them being in some European countries. However, you may overcome this problem with some VPN services, so don’t be worry, if you are going on a trip.

SkinPort is also the sponsor of many popular YouTubers, including Anomaly, and provides great services. The website is safe for all the users, and you may be sure, that SkinPort will give you an opportunity to trade skins with a great benefit.

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