The broadcast of January 9

Donald Trump banned from Twitter forever

Twitter has banned Donald Trump from the social medium for good. The company has decided to do so because of “the risk of further incitement to violence”. On Wednesday, Trump was banned from Twitter for 12 hours because his tweets did not distance himself enough from the violent crowd invading the US Congress.

Other social media have already banned the American president after the riots in Washington. For example, while he is still in the White House, he is no longer welcome on Facebook. We are talking about it with a former MEP Marietje Schaake, now affiliated with Stanford University in Silicon Valley.

Meanwhile, the Democrats want to start impeachment proceedings against President Trump in the coming days for inciting violence. But are they getting enough Republicans? Americanist Koen Petersen is a guest.

Are starters now more likely to enter the housing market?

To give starters a better chance on the housing market, they no longer pay transfer tax since 1 January. But Rabobank and civil-law notaries are critical of the abolition of transfer tax. They expect that starters will use the extra money to bid more on homes, causing prices to rise further.

And the offer is already so limited. Especially now that figures from the civil-law notaries show that investors have bought houses on a large scale because from this year they have to pay more transfer tax.

Help for lonely staff working from home

Corona has hit business hard. The crisis has also turned the work of HR directors upside down. The workplace had to be drastically adapted. All kinds of safety experiments were carried out.

But there is no time to relax. Because now the mental well-being of the staff demands their attention. Because how on earth do you keep up the courage of employees who have been unable to sell anything for months? And how do you as an employer help homeworkers who are in danger of withering away? We are at the flower auction, at a travel organization and in public transport.

The broadcast of January 9
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