The broadcast of July 24

The beginning of the end for many wind farms?

Hope and fear among opponents and proponents of wind farms. The reason: a decision by the Council of State at the end of last month, after which the expansion of a wind farm in Delfzijl was stopped. The judge made this ruling because it has never been investigated what effect the windmills have on the environment and people.

Proponents of the parks fear that many more plans for (expansion of) wind farms will fail. And that is confirmed by citizens to Nieuwsuur: “It is going to rain lawsuits”, says Kees Pieters of anti-windmill network Nederwind.

‘Best music album ever’ celebrates its 50th anniversary

‘A milestone’ and ‘one of the best music albums ever’: Blue, the LP by Canadian singer and writer Joni Mitchell, is usually only spoken and written in superlatives. The album was released half a century ago this summer. What is the power of the record and why has its importance only increased since 1971?

The broadcast of July 24
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