The broadcast of November 27

worry about omikron

The world is concerned about a new corona variant that is mainly circulating in South Africa and Botswana, but has now also been found in European countries. There is a fear that this omikron variant is considerably more contagious than the original variant, but that is not yet certain. It is also possible that vaccines work less well against omikron and therefore need to be adjusted. Pharmacists are investigating whether this is indeed necessary.

How would that adjustment work? Our guest is Rogier Sanders, professor of virology and experimental vaccinology.

How do you reach the last vaccine doubters?

There are still 1.5 million unvaccinated in our country. More than half of them will certainly not get the shot. But some are still in doubt. GGD employees and doctors try to reach specific groups of unvaccinated people in neighbourhoods. We go on a journey with them.

Paula Rego in Kunstmuseum The Hague

The Portuguese-British ‘lady’ Paula Rego is one of the UK’s most famous living artists. Her work is about the disadvantaged position of women, about abortion, power relations, but also about personal topics such as depression and sex.

She is not yet well known in the Netherlands, but that is about to change. We take a look at the Kunstmuseum The Hague, where her work can be seen from today.

The broadcast of November 27
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