The broadcast of October 22

One of the greatest conductors in the world has passed away

Dutch top conductor Bernard Haitink has passed away at the age of 92. He was one of the greatest conductors in the world. We look at Haitink’s long career and interview, among others, violinist Christian van Eggelen, who has worked with him.

A free gas market

A brief history of the liberalization of the gas market. We speak to energy suppliers and a professor who says that liberalization has brought a lot to consumers. In addition, we are looking at how they are coping with rising energy prices in Italy, France and the United Kingdom.

Vaccine distribution via COVAX is not making much progress yet

Rich countries deliver far fewer vaccines to poorer countries than promised. We’ll see exactly what’s going on. In addition, Judith Sargentini of Doctors Without Borders is a guest. She says the solution is simple: governments have to jump over their own shadow, but that’s not happening.

The broadcast of October 22
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