The damp conditions of Friday are expectedto give way to a warmer and sunnier Saturday, marking the beginning of the Easter weekend.

Meteorologists in the Netherlands had forecasted a Friday characterized by cloudy skies and occasional drizzles, although they expressed optimism for improved weather by Saturday. In the eastern regions, temperatures might soar up to 20 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the remnants of Easter bonfires could linger in the atmosphere on Sunday, potentially causing discomfort for some individuals. Attendees of the Paaspop festival in Schijndel, Noord-Brabant, are likely to enjoy mostly dry conditions, albeit with sporadic gusts of wind.

The morning of Friday is expected to be overcast with intermittent rain across the country, albeit possibly less intense in Limburg. The national meteorological institute, KNMI, anticipates a gradual decrease in rainfall throughout the day, with increasing intervals of sunshine. Those with leisure time on Friday may witness brighter spells in the afternoon, although showers in the west and a brisk wind might deter outdoor activities. Coastal areas, especially the northern and northwestern regions, should brace for stronger southerly winds. Temperatures are projected to range from 13 degrees in the northeast to 15 degrees in Zeeland, with clear skies likely to prevail by evening.

Saturday morning may bring cloudy conditions to coastal provinces along with sporadic rainfall and potential thunderstorms. Conversely, the rest of the country can expect intermittent sunshine throughout the morning and afternoon. With a gentler breeze, temperatures are forecasted to reach around 13 degrees along the western coast, 15 degrees further inland, and approximately 17 degrees in central regions. Eastern areas could experience a pleasantly warm 20 degrees with clear skies persisting into the evening, albeit with a strengthening wind.

Easter Sunday is anticipated to host mostly dry conditions during the morning hours, suitable for outdoor activities such as Easter egg hunts. However, clouds will intermittently obscure the sunshine, and temperatures are expected to hover around 15 degrees on average. The wind direction shifting to the east may bring residual smoke from Easter bonfires, particularly affecting regions like Gelderland, Drenthe, Groningen, and potentially Friesland and central areas of the Netherlands.

Monday’s weather outlook appears less favorable, with increased precipitation, stronger southwesterly winds, and the highest rainfall volume of the week. Tuesday through Thursday are likely to witness predominantly cloudy skies and intermittent rain, with Wednesday being particularly wet. Despite the gloomy forecast, occasional appearances of the sun are anticipated. Daytime temperatures will range from 11 to 15 degrees, dropping to as low as 4 degrees at night.

Looking ahead, the KNMI suggests that weather patterns from April 5 onwards become increasingly unpredictable. Nonetheless, temperatures are expected to remain above average, with the potential for daytime temperatures exceeding 20 degrees on April 6.

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