The Dutch government’s new coronavirus curfew has been officially enforced

The government’s national coronavirus curfew was threatened last week, but a new temporary law, which corresponds to the existing emergency coronavirus law, came into effect on Monday, ensuring enforcement of the action.

Dutch government’s new coronavirus curfew

Last week, the Dutch government faced a real battle to uphold the controversial curfew. After the Hague court ruled that the curfew was illegal and should therefore be lifted immediately, the state appealed the ruling and called for an emergency hearing on Tuesday night-the court The curfew will be put up to the appeal hearing.

The Cabinet then sought the passage of a new emergency law, which means that the curfew is valid and can continue to be enforced regardless of court decisions. On Thursday, the law was endorsed by the House of Representatives (Tweede Kamer) And on Friday night, it was approved by the Senate (Eerste Kamer).

Curfew appeals can have a significant impact on the fines issued

Justice Minister Ferd Grapperhaus initially stated that the curfew would come into force on February 20 under the new emergency law, but in reality the law came into force on February 22, two days later. .. This delay can have a significant impact on fines for curfew violations. Get out on the weekend.

The government is still awaiting a ruling from the Court of Appeals as to whether the first law used to introduce the curfew was legal. The ruling is scheduled for Friday, if the court finds it illegal to introduce a curfew, if a fine of € 95 is imposed on the weekend, or if the curfew is on January 23. After the introduction, fines may be imposed. .. Last month, more than 33.000 fines were imposed.

If the court decides in favor of Virus waarheid, Grapperhaus will sit at the public prosecutor’s office and decide what will happen to the fines already issued. If the court decides in favor of the state, nothing will change.

Tuesday Coronavirus Press Conference

Under this new law, the curfew is valid until 4:30 am on March 3rd. At a press conference on Tuesday, the government will announce that it will extend the curfew for another three weeks.

Deputy Prime Minister Mark Rutte and Health Minister Hu Ge de Jongge will also announce some mitigation measures that may reopen secondary schools and hairdressers next week. Recently, the government has faced increasing pressure to relax regulations, but experts are still afraid that a third COVID-19 wave is imminent.

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The Dutch government’s new coronavirus curfew has been officially enforced

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