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The European Football Championship can be seen this year for the first time in a razor-sharp 4K resolution. But what do you need to view these more beautiful images at home on your television?

With the rising Orange fever, the sense of the upcoming European Football Championship is starting to increase rapidly. And if you’re going to be cheering and screaming in front of the television, you naturally want to see all the matches in the best quality. Then there is basically good news, because the television broadcasts of the Dutch national team will be broadcast in sparkling 4K for the first time this year.

However, there are a few preconditions attached to this, such as the right equipment and the right provider with the right subscription form. We list exactly what you need.

HD vs 4K

It may sound like an open door: you must have a 4K television. Most modern televisions from the past two to four years are 4K TVs that actually produce four times sharper images than an HD TV. The latter can conjure up a resolution of 1080p on the image, 4K delivers four times as many pixels.

Some models from before 2017/2018 also support 4K resolution. The first 4K TVs made their appearance in the Netherlands in 2012 with models from LG and Sony. 4K is also referred to as Ultra HD or UHD. Are you in doubt? Consult the manual of your television, or search for the specifications of your device in Google.

The right provider

A 4K TV at home? Great, then it is now important that your provider is the right one. Both KPN and Ziggo pass on NPO1’s matches in 4K.

KPN customers need two things for this: they must purchase TV from the company and they must have the right receiver. For this, there are two flavors as a set-top box: the ZXV 8001 model from 2016 or the VIP 5202 from 2019.

At Ziggo, the bar is set much higher. Here you must have the very latest Mediabox Next. And make this box now only available to Ziggo customers with the TV package Max, or the composite packages Max or Giga. Not coincidentally, these are also the most expensive subscriptions.

The neighbors are cheering 2 seconds earlier?

You can also choose to watch matches via streaming apps such as NPO Start or NLZIET in a lower resolution, but count on possible delay on the line. Because of this there is a chance that you will hear the neighbors cheering loudly, after which you only see that great shot fly into the goal a few seconds later.

In that regard, you are best off with your provider’s TV cabinets. Watching analog television is even faster, but unfortunately rarely just an option. Ziggo stopped using the analog signal earlier this year.

Watch our videos about the Dutch National Team here:

The European Championship can be watched in 4K, but that doesn’t just work: you need this | Tech
Source link The European Championship can be watched in 4K, but that doesn’t just work: you need this | Tech

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