Growing up, we heard a lot of superstitions. Some people would never step on cracks for fear that they would break their mothers’ backs. Yes, that was an actual thing, and it lasted for a while. Even now, some people still believe in superstitions – they don’t walk under ladders, wear red to invite luck, and so on. And if you believe in superstitions, you know that choosing one from the many options on can be a hassle. But we’ve got you covered with some interesting superstitions from across the globe. Even if you don’t believe in them, you’ll enjoy seeing the gambling world from this perspective. So, let’s get into it:

Unlucky Numbers

Do you believe in such a thing as an unlucky number? In Western Culture, the number 13 is often regarded as bad luck. Some buildings don’t even have a 13th floor to ensure guests feel comfortable on the 13th floor – they name it 12 b or something like that. So, it’s not surprising that 13 is still considered bad luck in gambling. Some people avoid it at all costs – they would rather bet on any other number than go with 13. And 4 is not such a good option either. When you pronounce it in Mandarin, it sounds like you are summoning death. And who wants to do that? So, superstitious people steer clear of 13 and 4.

Blowing on Dice

Some people blow on their dice before rolling them. It does not matter whether they are playing Monopoly or are deep in craps. They blow, then roll. So, why did this practice start? Some players believe that this increases your good luck. But it could also be because some players would use adhesive on the dice. That way, when they blew on them, the dice would get moist and stick at the exact position the players wanted – quite crafty. However, it’s much harder to get away with such antics now that casinos check the dice for almost any defects.

Crossed Legs

What’s your favorite sitting position? In the casino, people take up all sorts of positions. Some believe that if they lean towards the table, they can somehow will luck to be in their favor. Others sit back, feet on the floor, grounding themselves. But here’s a position that is said to invite bad luck – crossing your legs! It’s not quite clear who came up with this belief. But if you’re playing at a table with your legs crossed, your fellow players will think they have the upper edge. Besides, everyone has heard of the fable where a player lost everything while seated, legs crossed. Should you believe it? If you’re not one for superstition, it’s still worth a thought. After all, you will be more alert with your legs uncrossed – it’s something to consider.

Red Clothes

Do you want to invite luck to the casino? Wear red! Asians especially believe in the effect of this hue, so much so that brides wear it on their wedding days. They believe it invites wealth into one’s life. So, it’s not surprising that they gamble adorned in red clothes to heighten this effect. But it does not just stop at what you wear. It also extends to the numbers you bet on – like red ones on the roulette wheel. How about you add some color to your game the next time?

Counting Your Money

You never count your money

When you’re sittin’ at the table

There’ll be time enough for countin’

When the dealin’s done

Was Kenny Rogers right when he sang this acclaimed song? Oh, yes – it turns out that counting money at the table is an absolute no. This thinking started way back when traditional casinos still ruled the gaming scene. Gamblers would sit around the table and hold on to their chips. And when the game was done, they would now do the math to see just how much they had acquired. What was the thinking behind this? Have you heard of jinxing? Gamblers believed they would fumble the bag if they dared to as much as start counting their eggs before they hatched.

Lucky Charms

Have you watched pro players going at it? Often, they have something to boost their confidence – something they believe makes them luckier. Some may wear a particular shirt or pair of shoes. Others may even carry a card or a clover, and others rely on memorabilia. The point here is to evoke the luck they enjoy when they have that charm around. It brings them good results.

Using the Front Entrance

Some people insist on using the rear entrance when entering a casino – not because they are illegally gambling but because they think that using the front entrance is a bad omen. So, they find their way in through the back. Okay, so who’s responsible for this belief? It dates back to the 90s when the MGM Grand changed its front entrance. Some gamblers decided that the new entrance felt off and felt that it was best to avoid it at all costs. And while this should have affected the MGM Grand, it trickled down to other casinos. It’s not uncommon now for people to shun the front entrance and find another way in – even if they must use service entries.

Sitting/ Standing in a Game

Some people prefer to sit for the entirety of the game. And others would rather stand till it’s over. Guess what? Both modes are ideal for inviting good luck to a game. Why? Say you stand for an entire game and win big. Wouldn’t you also believe that this is what brought you luck? For most people, this is what happens – they have a winning streak and decide that the sitting or standing position made all the difference.

Itching Hands

In some cultures, itching hands signify that you are about to get money. Take some African cultures as an example. People believe that an itching palm is a sure sign that you will receive some money. But in Europe, that’s another case in entirety – people relate an itching hand to bad luck. In the past, they believed that a left palm itch signaled the loss of money. So, this reaction can be good or bad, depending on where you are playing and what you believe. Or you can seek medical advice to find out why you have an itching palm – it might have nothing to do with gambling!

The Lending Conundrum

Should you ever lend money to another player when in the casino? If you go by the superstitions surrounding these transactions, the answer is a big NO. It brings you bad luck! You’ve probably watched a scene where a player lends money to another only for the borrower to win a large sum of money. Then the tussle starts over who the prize money belongs to: the lender or the borrower? But that’s not the only reason why lending people money is not a good idea. Consider your bankroll too. As a player, you must always control the money you use in the game. And the minute you start lending cash to other players, you lose part of this control.


Some people close their eyes when they roll the dice. Others kiss slot machines before hitting play. Rituals in gambling are quite varied, but they all signal the same thing – good luck. People believe that if they keep up with these actions or words, they can win.

The $50 Curse

What would anyone have against $50 bills? Well, let’s take a walk down memory lane. We all know how vibrant the gambling scene is in Nevada. But that’s not all that comes to mind for most gamblers when they recall historical events. Back when the Mafia was terrorizing their victims, they would bury them in the deserts with $50 bills in their pockets. So, people came to associate the bills with such untimely and unpleasant ends. It also does not help that most counterfeit cash in the states comes in $50 bills. That’s quite a point to ponder on as you select your bills for the next trip to the casino.


Have you ever heard of the saying Gluck im spiel, pech in der liebe? That’s German for Unlucky in love, Lucky in Gambling. The premise here is that you must sacrifice a relationship for big wins. Does it hold any water? Some people believe it does, while others shun it. It all comes down to how far you are willing to go for that win.


Do you want to get kicked out of a game? Here’s an idea – whistle! The other players will probably feel put off and might try to get you out of the game. But that’s not the only reason people avoid making such sharp sounds at the table. Apparently, it brings you bad luck. So, you are better off inhaling sharply instead and holding on to the little good luck on your side.

Superstitions are very real to some people, and to others, they are a way to boost playing confidence. Whatever you believe, remember to back it up with lots of practice and good bankroll management. All the best of luck!


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