The Netherlands is officially in the middle of a flu epidemic

influenza thermometer.The Netherlands is now officially embroiled in a flu epidemic, the public health research institute RIVM has confirmed.

Additionally, many other respiratory diseases, including the common cold and coronavirus, are making the rounds, officials said Wednesday.

Experts typically describe an influenza epidemic when 58 out of 100,000 people present with symptoms and seek medical attention, confirming that at least 10% of GP patients have the flu. RIVM is currently difficult to establish an exact number given the similarities between flu and coronavirus symptoms.

This is because more people are using self-tests to check for coronavirus, so fewer people are likely to see a doctor to see what’s wrong with them. RIVM said this is because it is highly sensitive.

“While not reaching the level of 58 in 100,000, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people with flu-like symptoms at recording stations,” RIVM said. “And RIVM is finding influenza viruses in an increasing number of samples taken from these patients.”

The number of cases is also likely to rise during the Christmas season, when people gather and celebrate, according to RIVM.

RIVM epidemiologist Rianne van Gageldonk told nonprofit radio that people with flu symptoms special attention During festivities, “especially when it comes to contact with the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions.” The Netherlands is officially in the middle of a flu epidemic

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