The Netherlands is the hometown of the most meat substitutes

According to a new study, the Netherlands eats more meat substitutes than any other country in Europe, averaging 15 million kilograms annually.

European meat substitute market

A study commissioned by the nonprofit ProVeg surveyed shopping habits in 11 European countries with the largest meat substitute markets in the last three years. According to the survey, the market has grown 49% across Europe over the last three years, reaching a total of € 3.6 billion in the 11 countries surveyed.

According to a survey, Germany has the largest meat substitute market in Europe, spending about € 1 billion on meat and vegan substitutes. The Netherlands is in 6th place, and ProVeg spokesman Pablo Moleman explained that it is very high given the small population.

Holland buys more plant-based meat and dairy alternatives

Looking at the data in relation to population size, ProVeg revealed that the Netherlands was actually the first and the Dutch people were spending the most money on vegetable substitutes-about 17 euros a year. Hans Moleman also explained that the population ate about 15 million kilograms of meat substitutes annually.

The study also found that the market for plant-based dairy products is expanding, with € 62 million spent annually on plant-based dairy products and € 43 million spent on yogurt substitutes. .. The range of plant-based cheese products has also increased over the past year.

Sales of plant-based products in Dutch supermarkets have actually increased over the last few years, increasing by 50% annually to € 291 million over the last two years. Hans Moleman said he was surprised at the result. “I already knew that the Netherlands was one of the leaders, but I don’t eat the most meat substitutes per capita in Europe.”

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The Netherlands is the hometown of the most meat substitutes

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