The picture of the year: these are the nominees

This year, too, a photographer will receive the prestigious prize for the World Press Photo. The nominees in the main category, ‘Photo of the Year’, are six photos that illustrate a major news development in 2020.

When assessing the photos, the jury not only looks at the photo itself, but also checks whether the photo paints a wrong picture of the situation and whether the photographer really saw what was photographed happening (without his own intervention).

Due to the corona crisis, the award ceremony will take place online this year. The winner will be announced April 15. We look at the contenders and the stories behind the photos.

These are the nominees:

Evelyn Hockstein

Lincoln Emancipation Memorial Debate, by Evelyn Hockstein (United States)

Supporters and opponents in debate about the statue de Emancipation Memorial in Lincoln Park, Washington DC The image shows President Abraham Lincoln and a man who represents a slave, a depiction of Lincoln’s abolition of slavery. Opponents regard the statue as a relic of a racist and colonial past.

Valery Melnikov

Leaving Home in Nagorno-Karabakh, by Valery Melnikov (Russia)

In November 2020, the conflict exploded in Nagorno-Karabakh, a region in the Caucasus claimed by both Armenia and Azerbaijan. Azerbaijan practically took over the area with military deployment. The future of the local Armenians is therefore uncertain.

Mads Nissen

The First Embrace, by Mads Nissen (Denmark)

85-year-old Rosa Luzia Lunardi hugs a social worker through a ‘cuddly curtain’ in the Brazilian city of São Paulo. It’s her first hug in five months. Brazil was hit hard by the coronavirus in 2020, with more than ten million infections and around 260,000 deaths so far.

Oleg Ponomarev

The Transition: Ignat, on Oleg Ponomarev (Russia)

Russian photographer Oleg Ponomarev photographs residents of St. Petersburg with gender dysphoria: they feel different from the gender they were given at birth. “I allow myself to be ‘me’.”

Luis Tato

Fighting Locust Invasion in East Africa, by Luis Tato (Spain)

Swarms of locusts are devouring crops in the Horn of Africa and Yemen, endangering food supplies for millions of people. Excessive rain in Somalia and Ethiopia created a lot of vegetation, the perfect habitat for the locusts.

Lorenzo Tugnoli

Injured Man After Port Explosion in Beirut, by Lorenzo Tugnoli (Italy)

A wounded man next to the still smoldering ruins in the port of the Lebanese capital Beirut. On August 4, 2020, a batch of ammonium nitrate exploded in a storage shed. The disaster claimed the lives of 207 people, injured 6,500 and destroyed much of the port and the surrounding district.

Story of the year

In addition to the prize for the best photo, there is also a prize for the best Story. This is a series of photos that tell a story.

Antonio Faccilongo (Italy) portrays the victims of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian Territories:

Chris Donovan (Canada), photographs the residents of the American city of Flint, where poverty is predominant:

Valery Melnikov (Russia) follows the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. He has also been nominated for the World Press Photo (see above):

The picture of the year: these are the nominees
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