The weather with Piet Paulusma

Photo: Jos Have, Altweerterheide

TRAFFIC WARNING: This morning there is still a chance of misty weather and fog. In the south of Limburg there is a chance of dense fog and perhaps slippery conditions.

In the south, the temperature can still drop towards +1 or 0 degrees with frost and local slippery conditions. Mostly cloudy during the day, but also sunny. Mostly cloudy in the north and east, with a chance of fog or fog, especially in the north. The wind is from the south and is light or moderate. Tonight and the coming night a lot of clouds and temperatures between 0 and +4 degrees. Chance of frost and local slipperiness.


Sunday cloudy and some rain. Daytime temperatures around 5 to 8 degrees. Moderate to fairly strong winds from southwest to northwest. Some rain in the evening. Clearing up in the night, mostly dry and a few degrees above zero.

Next week

Monday the sun and 8 or 9 degrees! Dry weather on Tuesday with quite a bit of sun and 6 or 7 degrees. Wednesday also dry weather with clouds, with sun and about 7 degrees. Thursday 6 or 7 degrees with a shower.

The weather with Piet Paulusma
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