‘There is no need to worry about Pelé (80)’ | Football

According to his personal adviser, there is no question of a serious situation. “There is no cause for concern. He undergoes a battery of tests. You can’t do it all in one day,” his business partner Joe Fraga said.

Pelé was hospitalized six days ago. According to Brazilian media, the living legend is undergoing a series of routine examinations after he was diagnosed with an unspecified ailment.

There was a commotion in Brazil last week after stories emerged that Pelé had passed out and was subsequently hospitalized. The three-time world champion (1958, 1962 and 1970) reacted quickly to all the rumors. “People, I didn’t pass out and I’m in good health. Let them know I won’t be playing next Sunday!” the former attacker joked on social media.

Pelé has been struggling with his health for years. He underwent several surgeries on his hip. Pelé also had problems with his spine and knee. He had a kidney stone removed a few years ago.

‘There is no need to worry about Pelé (80)’ | Football
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