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Those who have a lot to spend can get a luxury smartphone that will often last for years to come. What are the current toppers on the market? We list them together with the editors of Tweakers.

Please note: in this overview we look specifically at phones that cost at least 750 euros. Just say the Ferraris in the telephone market. Would you rather not spend too much? Then we listed the best budget smartphones for you earlier this week.

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Samsung Galaxy S21+ 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21+ © Samsung

The Samsung Galaxy S21+ has increased in price a bit in recent months, but is still an excellent option in many respects. As our tests show, it has the longest battery life on average of all high-end smartphones, with the exception of the new iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

It does not have the concessions, such as a plastic back, that the smaller S21 has without a ‘+’. Thanks to the new fingerprint scanner, unlocking is smooth, the design is sleek and the screen is again very beautiful.

On the back is a capable camera setup with three lenses, but unfortunately there is no good macro function. The telephoto lens is not as special as the one in the S21 Ultra. Also in the high-end segment, Samsung offers a relatively long support period, but not as long as Apple. The software is less ‘clean’ than that of OnePlus or Google, but it does offer many options.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13 Pro Max
iPhone 13 Pro Max © Apple

Even the 128GB ‘base model’ of the iPhone 13 Pro Max will cost you a pretty penny, but then you also have something. Apple’s top model scores excellent in almost all areas in which you can assess a smartphone. It has a very good screen, which can finally compete with competing devices in this segment in terms of refresh rate.

The hefty and fairly heavy housing with a rather large camera bump contains the fastest smartphone chip at the moment. The camera especially excels when it comes to speed, consistency and video quality, but the selfie camera and telephoto camera are not that impressive. The battery life is extremely long and much better than the competition.

Whether you like iOS or Android better is a matter of personal preference. Apple’s operating system works consistently and smoothly and when it comes to updates, you’ll be under the roof for years. All in all, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is arguably the best high-end smartphone right now.

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra © Samsung

Samsung’s counterpart to the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the Galaxy S21 Ultra. The most luxurious, non-foldable Galaxy is a few hundred euros cheaper, but still has the necessary selling points. It has a large, super-bright and very sharp screen, which you can also use a pen.

The camera system has four lenses and especially excels when it comes to zooming in; you won’t find the 10x optical magnification of the periscopic lens anywhere else. Compared to the iPhone 13 Pro Max, the video capabilities are not as good and the speed and consistency of the camera could also be better.

The battery life is good, although not as good as that of the other two recommendations in this segment. The Galaxy S21 Ultra also has the software and other features that the S21+ also has.

These are the best luxury phones of the moment | Tech
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