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LMK, IDK and NP: just some abbreviations that pop up more often than not on social media apps. But what do they actually mean?

WhatsApp groups have become an integral part of our lives. At work, with the neighbourhood, groups of friends, sports clubs, as parents of children going to school, family app groups and of course app groups of children themselves. Especially with the latter, the abbreviations are not out of the air.

If you want to know exactly what your offspring mean and if you want to get along a bit in their own language, take a look at the glossary below, which offers a solution.

The most famous abbreviations that are often used
:-) = I’m happy/this is funny
:-)) = I’m very happy
ASAP = as soon as possible, as soon as possible
BF = best friends, best friends / best friends
B4 = before, before
BRB = be right back, I’ll be right back
BT4Y = be there for you, I’m here for you
CYA = see you later, see you later
HF = have fun, have fun
IC = I see, I understand
IDK = I don’t know, I don’t know
IRL = in real life, in real life
LMK = let me know, let me know
lol = laugh out loud
LMAO = lauging my ass off, laughing even harder
NP = no problem, no problem
OLM = parents read along, the abbreviations PAW (parents are watching) and POS (parents over shoulder) are also used for this.
OMW = on my way, I’m coming
TTYS = talk to you later
Tbh = to be honest, if I’m honest…
YOLO = you only live once, you only live once – used when someone does something very exciting or does or experiences something very luxurious

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A smartphone with all kinds of social media apps. © ANP XTRA

Numbers are also frequently used as abbreviations on social media
Numbers are easy to scan, read and remember. In addition, numbers take up less space. And that is important, because you want to keep text on social media as short as possible. Have you ever seen these combinations?
d8 = thought, w8 = wait and by extension: w88 = wait and w817 = wait a minute.
We all know these: suc6 = success, 2h/4h = to you, for you and 2many = too many, too much.

A girl checks messages on her smartphone.
A girl checks messages on her smartphone. © ANP XTRA

Language is fluid, and abbreviations are getting faster and more clever
We also see more and more abbreviations of words in which ‘just’ a number of letters, usually vowels, have been omitted. These abbreviations are often used: drm = therefore, gwn = ordinary, lkkr = tasty, wrm = why, wss = probably and zkr = definitely.

These are the most important abbreviations you should know on social media | Tech
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