These are the relaxation of the corona rules in education

Primary and special education

The quarantine rules at primary schools will be adjusted from September 20. If a child in class is infected with the coronavirus, the entire class no longer has to be quarantined. In this phase of the pandemic, it has become relatively too heavy a measure for the entire class to go home in the event of an infection. Every day out of school is one too many. In case of outbreaks with multiple infections in a group, the GGD can still advise to go into quarantine.

Basic rules

The basic rules continue to apply in primary schools, just like in the rest of society: in case of cold complaints with fever and/or cough, a student or teacher must be tested in the GGD test street and anyone who tests positive is quarantined. Education staff will no longer be required to keep 1.5 meters away from each other from September 25.

No mouth caps in secondary education

From September 25, students and teaching staff of secondary schools will no longer have to wear face masks in the corridors. Teachers, students and teaching staff no longer have to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other.

Self-test twice a week

For unvaccinated students, they still do a self-test twice a week and go into quarantine for 10 days if a classmate is infected. Vaccinated students do not have to do this, because they are less likely to get sick and end up in hospital than people who are non-immune. You are considered immune two weeks after the second vaccination of BioNTech/Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca or after one vaccination and an infection with the coronavirus. This also applies 28 days after the Janssen vaccination or if you had corona less than 6 months ago.

MBO and higher education completely open again

On August 30, the 1.5 meter distance rule already expired at MBO schools, colleges and universities, but some measures were still taken. Most of this is now gone. For example, the group size of a maximum of 75 students per room will be canceled with effect from 25 September. The compulsory wearing of face masks outside the classrooms and lecture halls will also be abolished. As a result, after there has been sufficient time to adjust schedules, even more physical lessons can be organized at the educational institutions, so that education can take place again as before the introduction of the corona measures. However, the advice for students and employees remains to continue to use preventive self-tests. The basic rules with regard to hygiene and health also continue to apply and institutions continue to ensure good ventilation.

These are the relaxation of the corona rules in education
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