These are the ten least reliable cars according to British research | Car

Those looking for a car up to five years old should not shop at the Jaguar-Landrover group. In the top ten of unreliable cars are three Land Rovers and a Jaguar. But the least reliable car is remarkably enough a Japanese model.

Japanese cars have been known for their reliability in recent years. Brands such as Toyota, Lexus, Mazda and Mitsubishi are consistently at the top of all kinds of surveys. It is therefore all the more striking that the first place of most malfunction-prone vehicles is taken by the Nissan X-Trail in the list of the independent British WhatCar. It is no surprise that the Jaguar and Land Rover models score less well. The beautiful looking cars have been dangling at the bottom of various reliability studies for a long time.

Reliability Rating

In the UK survey, more than 16,000 people were questioned about possible malfunctions on their up to five-year-old cars. They looked at how often their cars had malfunctions in the past 12 months and how much it cost to fix those problems. WhatCar then used this data to give each model a unique reliability rating. That way it came to a ranking of the best and worst cars up to five years old. The lower the percentage, the fewer error messages.

Porsche Cayman

In tenth place is the Range Rover, which has been in showrooms since 2013. The model has a reliability score of 81.5 percent. In joint ninth place are the Jaguar E-Pace and the Volkswagen Polo with a reliability of 80.6 percent. In seventh place is the Range Rover Evoque, which was built from 2011 to 2017 with 77.1 percent. Sixth is taken by the Audi Q5 diesel, which was sold from 2008 to 2017. The top five is led by the petrol variant of the Ford Fiesta from 2017 to now with a percentage of 74.6. The VW Touran is in fourth place from 2015 to now with a score of 74.1. In third place is the Porsche Cayman with a score of 73.5 and in second place the Land Rover Discovery Diesel from 2017 to now with a score of 72.1 percent.

Nissan X-Trail is the least reliable car

The least reliable car is the Nissan X-Trail with a score of 59.7 percent. Thirty-nine percent of X-Trail owners surveyed had problems with virtually every part of the car except the navigation system in the past 12 months. Most of the failures related to the electrical systems, brakes and interior trim. Almost one in four cars took more than a week to get their owners back, but it’s the cost that kills the X-Trail. Only 53 percent of the cars were repaired free of charge, but 24 percent of the owners were presented with a bill worth more than £1,500 or €1,770.

The British WhatCar has monitored more cars up to five years old. The complete top 25 of least reliable cars can be found here.

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These are the ten least reliable cars according to British research | Car
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