These Zwolle entrepreneurs are eager to open up

Hairdressers will probably be allowed to reopen, but other small entrepreneurs still have no idea of ​​relaxation. In Zwolle, many entrepreneurs are now increasingly uncomfortable.

“It seems as if we have been given up as an industry”, says Pieter Blaauwhof. He runs wine bar Oak in Zwolle. His case is getting increasingly difficult and he is struggling with mental complaints. Recently he turned to a psychologist. “The elastic has been stretched. I hope it will get back in shape. But I have a lot of financial worries and I am mentally through it.”

“We don’t know where we stand. And then during such an interview with the minister, it is blurted out that the catering industry will really be closed until March: despondent, disrespectful.”

All respect for hairdressers, but they are very close to the customers. Then why not us?

Pieter Blaauwhoof

Blaauwhof is by no means the only entrepreneur with whom things are going badly: according to industry association INretail, 56,000 stores are currently closed. That together costs 700 million euros in turnover per week. If this doesn’t change throughout March, between 50,000 and 60,000 jobs will be at risk. 72 percent of entrepreneurs are concerned about the continued existence of the business. In January that was 63 percent.

Blaauwhof works with all his might to keep his wine bar alive. “We have set up a wine shop, people can order online, we have sold Christmas packages, etc. But it does not yield much. It concerns wafer-thin margins. We work for ten, but only have a 10 percent turnover. What are we doing it for,” I sometimes wonder. “

He is annoyed that hairdressers are allowed to open and he is not. “All respect for hairdressers, but they are very close to the customers. We understood everything very well by the summer. There were proven very few infections at the time.”

Hairdresser Bas van Bremen was actually quite happy with the lockdown. He thinks he will soon be able to cut and shave corona proof. The director of museum de Fundatie is convinced that he too can safely admit visitors:

‘The lockdown was the dream come true for my business’

Bertrand Maas of the Waanders bookshop is also close to his limits. “I’m worried,” he says. “The water is on our lips.”

According to Maas, things actually went very well until December. “With masks mandatory, a maximum number of customers in the store. Good to the rules. It even seemed as if we were going to close the gap of April and May.”

But then came the new lockdown. Maas saw his income plunge. “We have a bookshop with a brasserie. The brasserie is completely closed. We are walking on one leg and that one leg is on the drip.”

Maas is also annoyed by the policy of the cabinet. “We are not listened to enough, not talked to us.” He is amazed to see how measures are becoming more flexible in other countries. “It is possible abroad and we have good grades here, so why not?”

These Zwolle entrepreneurs are eager to open up
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