Thierry Baudet runs away from Emma Wortelboer’s Eve

It was a very short interview between Emma Wortelboer and FvD party leader Thierry Baudet. In the run-up to the elections, Wortelboer interviews every week in a segment of Eve another party leader. So this time it is Mr. Baudet’s turn. But he didn’t like the interview because after a few questions he walked away.

Now you may think it was a very critical interview, with accurate, and sometimes painful questions, but no. Wortelboer asked questions such as “black coffee, coffee with milk or coffee with sugar?”, To which Baudet initially responded. “Depends,” says Thierry. And that is not about the day, but about the quality of the coffee. Because in the Netherlands it is not nearly as tasty as in Italy.

Baudet: ‘Tone of the questions is annoying’

“I also don’t understand why we have such a sticky sandwich culture,” Baudet continues on the bad Dutch coffee path. “And why is that, the bread or the fillings?”, Wortelboer jumps in. “What do you miss most from your childhood?”, The FvD party leader may just have it, but when Wortelboer continues with “when did you last fall in love with something?”, Something seems to snap.

“I find the tone of the questions irritating and not empathic.” Wortelboer had not foreseen this coming: she therefore looks slightly shocked and does not speak very well anymore. “You show no interest and that doesn’t inspire me to tell you anything about myself.” When the interviewer then asks how Baudet prefers her to ask the questions, Baudet remarks that her heart is “closed”.

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Wortelboer: ‘Does everything always have to be fun?’

“You are tough, you are a tough person. I don’t like to talk about intimate matters with them, ”says Baudet while he takes another sip of his (probably bad Dutch) coffee. When does he talk about intimate matters? “When someone asks questions in a different way than you ask them.” According to the politician, it is mainly the tone. It is hacky, cynical, and ironic. He also thinks it is silly.

Wortelboer responds immediately: “Not fair, do you think?” But the FvD face did not say that: “It’s not about fair, it’s just not fun. So either you are going to change or we will just stop. I notice that this is not fun. ” Wortelboer then wonders aloud whether things should always be fun. No, according to Baudet, “but this just doesn’t work, so let’s stop.” And he is gone.

Baudet receives a lot of support on Twitter. “Thierry Baudet puts his finger on the sore spot,” writes Ruben, for example. “All those shitty interviews with types like Emma Wortelboer and Jaïr are ridiculous. The interviewers seem biased and consider themselves more important than the guest. ”

“Quite an achievement that Emma Wortelboer here comes across as less funny and sympathetic than Thierry Baudet”, says another.


But many people also find Baudet a “crybaby” or “poser”. “French-descent snob Thierry Baudet does not know what to do with the straightforward Twente directness of Emma Wortelboer. What a crying baby ”, says Volkan.

Someone else thought the interview worked well, and even started to get some sympathy for the FvD party leader. “Emma Wortelboer is nice and smart and because of his answers I started to get sympathy for the Thier. Was like making fun of himself, was fun to watch. So semi-serious about sandwiches and coffee. Until it turned out that he was really serious and didn’t make fun of himself. ”

According to Tim, Emma was just Emma. There is certainly something in it, after all, she is known for her somewhat direct personality. She can often be seen in programs such as Trippers and for example Emma’s Peepshow. You need a certain dose of irony for that. “What an incredibly haughty ass that Thierry Baudet. I am also not a fan of Emma Wortelboer. However, Emma was just Emma. You know that in advance. Then don’t cooperate at all instead of being made “tough” to run away from the NPO ”, he writes.

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Thierry Baudet walks away from Emma Wortelboer during the Eve: ‘The tone is annoying’

Thierry Baudet runs away from Emma Wortelboer's Eve
Source link Thierry Baudet runs away from Emma Wortelboer's Eve

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