This happened last night: Zelensky urges civilians to strict discipline for fear of heavy air strikes | Abroad

War UkraineFearing particularly heavy airstrikes on Monday’s Russian Victory Day, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky has called on citizens in his country to exercise caution and be particularly disciplined.

“I ask all our citizens, especially now and in the coming days, not to ignore the air raid sirens,” the head of state said in his daily video address last night. “Please, this is your life, the life of your children.”

Zelensky called on Ukrainians to strictly follow the orders of the authorities and adhere to the local curfew. Because of the danger to mines, according to the president, it is forbidden to enter forests that were occupied by the Russian army.

On Monday, Russia will celebrate the Soviet Union’s victory over Hitler’s Germany in 1945. In Ukraine, there are fears of particularly heavy Russian air raids that day. In cities at the front such as Odessa, a two-day curfew will therefore apply.

Rescue fighters

Following the successful evacuation of civilians from the Mariupol steel factory surrounded and besieged by Russian troops – in recent days there were about 500, according to Ukrainian officials – Ukraine is also looking for ways to rescue its soldiers and foreign fighters who are in the complex. have entrenched. According to Zelenski, ‘influential mediators and influential states’ are involved. He did not give details. “We are also working on diplomatic options to rescue our fighters who are still at the Azovstal factory.” In the underground tunnel system of the last Ukrainian resistance stronghold in the port city, there are said to be about 2000 soldiers and volunteers.

According to Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych, Russia wants to seize the 11 square kilometer factory complex in the port city by Monday. “The best gift for a ruler is the head of his opponent,” he told Ukraine’s UNIAN news agency on Friday. “I clearly see the ambition to conquer Azovstal and give Putin the victory on May 9.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivers a speech in Moscow on Monday during the traditional military parade to mark the Victory Day. He is expected to specify further direction for the Russian military in the war in Ukraine, which has been going on for 73 days today.


Kherson Region

Russian occupiers in southern Ukraine meanwhile are taking steps to secede the Kherson region. Residents should be given the right to Russian passports, a pro-Russian regional politician said Friday. Kirill Stremusov is the deputy head of Kherson’s regional military-civilian administration, according to Russian state news agency Ria Novosti. “We will integrate as much as possible in the construction of the Russian Federation,” he announced.

The region with the port city of the same name at the mouth of the Dnieper River will switch completely to the ruble as its currency in the coming months. Ukrainian banks must cease operations. “We will organize the work of banks directly linked to Russia,” Stremusov said.



More than two months after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the United Nations Security Council reached agreement for the first time on Friday evening our time on a joint declaration on the war. Members of the most powerful UN body — including Russia — unanimously declared they are “deeply concerned” about the conflict.

At the same time, they expressed their “strong support” for the search for “a peaceful solution” by UN Secretary-General António Guterres. While the agreement is seen as the weakest possible statement from the UN body, it is also a glimmer of hope for some movement in the stalled diplomacy at UN headquarters in New York.

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This happened last night: Zelensky urges civilians to strict discipline for fear of heavy air strikes | Abroad
Source link This happened last night: Zelensky urges civilians to strict discipline for fear of heavy air strikes | Abroad

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