This is how people look back on the work and life of Jeroen van Merwijk

This morning cabaret performer and songwriter Jeroen van Merwijk (65) passed away, his theater agency announced. Van Merwijk suffered from colon cancer.

He died in the presence of his wife Jeannette in his hometown of Sainte-Juliette in France. There Van Merwijk is cremated in a closed circle. Below you can read how his fans and colleagues look back on his work and life.

Popular shows

Van Merwijk’s theater career started thirty years ago. Since then he has made no fewer than thirteen theater programs. The most famous of these were ‘Give me back my sperm’, ‘An AVRO member is only human’, ‘Van Merwijk explains it again’ and ‘The podium animal is back’.

But it did not stop at theater: Van Merwijk also made a big name as a songwriter. He wrote lyrics for artists such as Hans Dorrestijn, Adèle Bloemendaal, Karin Bloemen and Erik van Muiswinkel. For his song Boys like that in 2006 he received the Annie MG Schmidt Prize.

At the end of December, Van Merwijk was exceptionally awarded the previously abolished Edison Oeuvre Prize for Kleinkunst. The comedian, who was diagnosed with colon cancer in February, canceled his tour last spring due to a relapse. He spent his last days painting and drawing in his cottage in France, where he spent half the year with his wife.

‘What a loss’

Colleague Dolf Jansen posts a tribute to the songwriter on Twitter: “Friend and colleague Jeroen van Merwijk passed away this morning. He carried friendship, civilization and involvement in everything he did, songs, poetry, visual arts, theater, radio. ” Bert Visscher also pays a short ode to his colleague. “Van Merwijk is no longer. Deep bow and what a loss! Damn!”

Katinka Polderman honors the man who put her “on the cabaret track”. “The man who brought me onto the cabaret track and to whom I feel incredibly related and indebted to in my profession is gone. Goodbye Jeroen. ” Cornald Maas says he is sad about the death of Van Merwijk. “He, like no other, was indebted to the importance of the arts to the last. And I learned a lot from him. ”

‘Incredibly Funny Man’

Nico Dijkshoorn calls Van Merwijk „an abrasive, uncompromising, unbelievably funny man. Just what the Netherlands needed. ” Humberto Tan looks back on his last interview with the comedian. “I wish all of his loved ones much strength. In my last conversation with him, about his book, he was candid, gentle and inspiring. ”

‘Van Merwijk made cabaret a lot bigger’

Fans also flock to social media to express their appreciation for Van Merwijk’s work. Wim writes, for example, that Van Merwijk made “cabaret a lot bigger”.

Anneke shares a fragment of Op1, where Harrie Jekkers accompanied by the band of Lucas van Merwijk (the brother of) I can dream you sings. That is a song by Jeroen, who was watching via a video connection.

Someone else uses this event to turn on Van Merwijk’s songs for a while. “I put Positive Song in honor of this true artist. ”

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In this way people look back on the work and life of the deceased Jeroen van Merwijk

This is how people look back on the work and life of Jeroen van Merwijk
Source link This is how people look back on the work and life of Jeroen van Merwijk

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