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Apple’s AirPods earplugs can be adjusted based on a hearing test, so that music is easier for you to hear. That is how it works.

No one’s ears are the same. One can hear some high tones better, while the other can pick up lower tones better. It ensures that the music from earplugs can also sound different to you than to someone else.

Tech giant Apple has found something to do with its AirPods: by loading an audiogram. That is basically the report that is made after a hearing test, containing the actual score of your hearing. Your AirPods are then tuned to this. This way you can suddenly hear sounds that are not noticeable with ‘normal’ earplugs.

Do a hearing test yourself

There are two ways to obtain such an audiogram. The most obvious is to go to a hearing care professional and have your hearing tested there. That costs a bit, but you immediately have the most thorough result. If you ask for an audiogram, they often know what to give you.

A second option is to do the hearing test yourself. There are several apps in the App Store to do that, including the Mimi Hearing Test. You then have to sit with earplugs in a quiet room, where you press a button as soon as you hear sounds. Afterwards, the app creates an audiogram that you can use. Easy, but the margin of error is slightly larger than with a hearing care professional.

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You can link your AirPods to the results of a hearing test. © Apple

Pair the audiogram to your AirPods

Then, on your iPhone, go to the Settings app and tap Accessibility, followed by Audio/Visual > Custom Headphones. Turn on the switch at the top of the screen and choose to link an audiogram.

You will now be given the option to put your audiogram into the Health app by taking a picture of it or uploading a digital file. If that doesn’t work, you can manually retype all the values ​​in the document on your iPhone.

After this, Apple will let you hear the difference between the regular sound and the modified version. If you did everything right, the modified version will sound fuller and clearer.

Only AirPods and Beats

At the moment, the audiogram only works with Apple’s AirPods earbuds and headphones, or with Beats headphones. The latter are also made by Apple.

Whether other headphones will also work with the technology in the long run remains to be seen. Presumably, Apple wants to be able to calibrate the sound itself to make the feature work properly.

This is how you adapt AirPods to your specific hearing | Tech
Source link This is how you adapt AirPods to your specific hearing | Tech

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