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ReviewApple’s latest smartwatch has the largest screen yet, but it’s also the smallest upgrade we’ve ever seen.

The popularity of the Apple Watch should not be underestimated. It is now not only the most popular smartwatch, but even the most worn watch in the world. In 2017, the tech giant already won the Rolex popularity award. That says a lot about Apple’s dominant position, especially when you consider that the watch only works in combination with an iPhone.

The first Apple Watch appeared in 2015, after which the design of the watch has remained the same. Every year, only the inside of the gadget was improved, for example with a faster processor and extra sensors to measure oxygen in the blood and make a heart film.

Bigger screen in the Series 7

The screen has also grown over the years, and with the new Apple Watch Series 7, it’s the most significant upgrade yet. The bezels around the watch have almost disappeared, allowing almost the entire surface of the watch to show dials and messages.

Apple has been trying to hide those thick edges since 2015 by using an OLED screen and mainly showing dials with black backgrounds. The black of the screen and the case of the watch merged. By making the edges a bit thinner, clocks with your own photos in the background, for example, look nicer.

The Series 7 (left) has a larger screen and thus thinner bezels. © Apple

New watch faces

Speaking of watch faces with photos, Apple has added a new one in its latest Apple Watch upgrade. Here, a portrait photo shot with an iPhone can be loaded, where the Apple Watch distinguishes between the subject and the background. The clock is shown just behind the photographed person, which creates a cool depth effect. This watch face also works on other Apple Watch models, but on those models, the photo is still enclosed with thicker, ugly bezels.

There are also two new clocks exclusive to the Series 7. One has extra space for the so-called complications, with which you can display all kinds of app information in a large screen. In the other, the numbers of an analog clock run closely around the edges of the screen. Both are clearly made to take advantage of the wider display.

Typing on a watch

Now that the screen is larger, Apple has also added a keyboard to type comments in a chat app, for example. Those buttons are still a bit priegelig, but in our tests we made surprisingly few typos. According to Apple, this is due to special software that tries to predict what you want to type, so that the correct letter is selected when pressing the keys in doubt. A kind of preventative spell checker.

Furthermore, according to Apple, the screen is 70 percent brighter and the watch can withstand dust better. The included charger now has a USB-c port for the charger, providing it with power 33 percent faster. This makes it easier to charge it in between, but the battery has remained comparable to previous models. With one charge you can last more than a day.

Big screen, small upgrade

And that’s basically it. For the first time in years, Apple hasn’t added a new, faster processor to the Apple Watch, nor are there any sensors to read other health information. It really just makes the Series 7 a Series 6 with a slightly larger display. Now we suspect that few people upgrade their watch every year and really hate it, but it is remarkable that Apple has kept its upgrade so small this year.

If you upgrade from an older Apple Watch, you can of course count on many features that have been added in previous editions, of which we don’t know always onscreen of the Series 6 are still the most significant. As a result, the time is always shown on the watch, while older models only show something when you turn the screen towards you. Despite that addition, the watch still lasts a day on a full battery.

It kind of feels like Apple developed the Series 7 at the last minute as a sort of intermediate model. Rumors for months have been pointing to the arrival of a truly new Apple Watch, with a flat screen and a design similar to the latest iPhones. It would be the first time since 2015 that the Watch gets a completely different-looking housing. However, that watch was not mentioned at all during the iPhone announcement last month, after which we got to see the somewhat conservative Series 7. Could Apple’s production chain have been delayed with this new model? We will probably never know for sure.


The Apple Watch Series 7 is, simply put, an Apple Watch Series 6 with a larger screen. Of course there are a few other minor upgrades, such as better resistance to dust and faster loading times, but they are changes that you hardly notice. While for the first time in years we don’t get a fast processor.

We can be sour about that, but at the same time, the latest Apple Watch is highly recommended. Even with such a small step forward, Apples wearable miles ahead of the competition. Of course, upgrading from a Series 6 to a Series 7 is of little use. But whoever buys a watch for the first time or has a much older model, buys a great watch with the latest one.

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This is the smallest upgrade the Apple Watch has ever received | Tech
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