Tinder launches Safety Center in the Netherlands

The Hague

New feature further improves user safety Tinder today launches the Safety Center in the Netherlands. With this feature, users of the Tinder app will have easy access to tools that further improve security while using the platform. The Safety Center is based on the latest safe dating guidelines and provides information on topics such as mental health, gender-based violence

Developed by Tinder’s Trust & Safety team, the Safety Center builds on existing safety features. The contents of the Safety Center will be continuously monitored and updates will be made if necessary. To optimize the various safety tools in the Safety Center, Tinder works with organizations that focus on online safety and supporting victims of online abuse.

Preventing and detecting abuse of the Tinder app is a priority for Tinder. We understand that this work is never finished, but the basic principle is that the safety of our members comes first. That’s why Tinder has launched several security features over the past few years, which are available to all our members.

Ms. Leyla Guilany-Lyard, spokesperson for Tinder: ‘The launch of the Safety Center in the Netherlands is another step to further improve the safety of our members, both online and offline. The Safety Center will have a prominent place within the Tinder app and will be immediately available to our members via the main menu.’

Tinder launches Safety Center in the Netherlands
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