Today is international CAPSLOCK DAY: ‘Parody of petty individuals’ | Tech

There is a good chance that when you visit Twitter, Facebook or Instagram you will see a lot of people typing in large letters today: it is INTERNATIONAL CAPSLOCK DAY.

It can sometimes happen: you accidentally pressed the capslock key and part or all of your email to a colleague was typed in angry-looking capital letters. Or you may use them consciously, for example to make a subject of an e-mail seem extra urgent

But today they have a very different meaning: scattered all over the internet, people are tapping each other in capital messages on June 28.

International Capslock Day

The holiday is an online joke that comes up twice a year. In addition to June 28, October 22 is also an international capslock day.

Derek Arnold, a software developer from the US state of Iowa, invented the holiday on October 22, 2000 as a parody of the “small-mindedness of certain Western individuals.” He was annoyed by the fact that many people without good knowledge of the script just write things down and email them to each other.

On October 22, he therefore deliberately e-mailed people in large letters in response. On June 28, the extra second day was created as a tribute to American advertising icon Billy Mays, who died on that day in 2009. Mays became famous for his enthusiastic ‘buy nowexhortations on a popular home shopping channel in the United States.

Old Fashioned Typewriters

Before we got computers and caps lock keys in our lives, most old-fashioned typewriters only produced capital letters. In 1870, typewriter manufacturer Remington devised a clever way to type both uppercase and lowercase letters. This was done by placing two symbols or letters, such as upper and lower case letters, on each type bar, the piece of metal that strikes the letters on the paper.

To switch between the two symbols, writers used a shift key, which lifted the entire bar, as it were, to press the correct font or symbol.

Today, the caps lock and shift keys take a lot of work off our hands. In any case, the ordinary letter keys on the keyboards of PCs, laptops and smartphones have multiple functions. Press the ‘e’ on a smartphone for a longer period of time, and you will see all variants with different accents or umlauts.

Are you participating in the capital letter holiday today? Be sure to use the hashtag #CapsLockDay on social media, before people might think you’re always such a jerk.

Today is international CAPSLOCK DAY: ‘Parody of petty individuals’ | Tech
Source link Today is international CAPSLOCK DAY: ‘Parody of petty individuals’ | Tech

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