Tonight on TV: Inspection service of value, Your house in order and Mr. Frank Visser | show

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mr. Frank Visser makes a statement

SBS6 – 8.30 p.m.

In Rotterdam, Willem and Esmeralda are annoyed by two trees of the neighbor green and yellow. Not only do they block all the sunlight in the garden, the leaves also always blow their way. Kees, the neighbor in question, thinks the fuss is greatly exaggerated and is completely done with the complaints from his neighbors. Because the case is now growing over the heads of both parties, it is high time that Mr. Visser took the ax to the root of this conflict.

Inspection service of value

NPO 3 – 8.25 pm

The Inspection Service dives into the traditional Dutch sandwich this week. And not in the white, but the brown version. Whole grain to be exact. Dark and healthy. But what is that, whole grain? And what exactly is brown? It turns out that one brown bread is not the other. Time to finally get a clear picture of what is and what is not in our bread.


New season
BBC First – 9pm

Nine months after the death of Sidney, who succumbed to yellow fever in Antigua, Charlotte Heywood returns to Sandition disillusioned. In her wake is her younger sister Alison, who, like Charlotte, wants to do everything she can to rise above mediocrity. But Alison isn’t the only newcomer to the picturesque coastal town: some new faces really shake things up.

24 Hours to Live

RTL 7 – 8.30 pm

Former elite soldier Travis Conrad (Ethan Hawke) is weighed down by the tragic death of his wife and daughter. One day, his former buddy Jim Morrow (Paul Anderson), who now works for the security company Red Mountain works him in for a well-paid assassination. Everything goes wrong during the job and Travis finds himself dead, but then he gets a second chance.

Your house in order

SBS6 – 9.30 p.m.

Whoever keeps what has what. But what if your house is full of 3654 containers of Chinese takeaway, 45 empty cans of paint and fourteen laptops from 2003? Then it is high time to call in Viktor Brand and his team of professional cleaners. In this episode they leave for Zwolle, where the household effects of the recently divorced Miranda have grown to the ceiling.

Your House In Order presenter Viktor Brand. © ANP

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Tonight on TV: Inspection service of value, Your house in order and Mr. Frank Visser | show
Source link Tonight on TV: Inspection service of value, Your house in order and Mr. Frank Visser | show

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