Tonight’s big Apple news is already out on the streets: we know this | Tech

During a big presentation, Apple will most likely reveal the new iPhones and other products later today. We have already listed all the expected new gadgets.

Although Apple has not yet announced the content of the event, there is always a lot of leaks in advance. The summary below is based on rumours, knowledgeable analysts and leaked information.

Three or four new iPhones

Central to the event is the new iPhone. It has been popularly called the iPhone 13 for some time, although Apple could also call it the iPhone 12S, for example – then the company avoids that unlucky number.

Earlier we have already listed all the rumors about the iPhone 13. In terms of design, it will probably be a minor update, with a slightly smaller chin above the screen. An always-on screen may ensure that the phone always shows basic information such as the time, even when it is locked.

It remains to be seen how many iPhones the company will present. In any case, we are counting on a basic model, a Pro variant and an extra-large version of the latter. There may also be a mini device such as the iPhone 12, but according to analysts, the previous model was a flop.

Read our expectations for the iPhone 13.

A completely redesigned Apple Watch Series 7

For the first time since its introduction in 2015, the Apple Watch would feature a truly significant redesign. According to insiders, the watch will be flatter and tighter, so that the design better matches the iPhone 12 and 13.

This also makes the watch bigger: the largest model is 45 millimeters, while the small version is 42 millimeters. And count on a few new features too, such as the rumored glucose meter.

The question is whether Apple will finally bring the 4G variant of the watch to the Netherlands this year. It is sold in other countries, but was not available here for a long time due to the late arrival of digital esim cards.

AirPods 3 with smaller stems

Apple may also renew its wireless caps by introducing the AirPods 3. The design of these earbuds would be similar to the AirPods Pro, with the stem at the ends being much shorter.

Functions of the Pro caps are probably missing in the new model, such as active noise reduction. In terms of price, they are between the AirPods 2 and AirPods Pro, so between 130 and 210 euros.

iOS 15 is really coming

Most likely tonight it will also briefly talk about iOS 15, the new version of the operating system on the iPhone. That was already revealed in June this year, but at the September event, Apple usually tells when the update will be available to everyone.

The same also applies to iPadOS and tvOS, for which new updates are also planned. The big new Mac update probably won’t be available for a month or so.

Another event in October?

Insiders think Apple has split its fall announcements this year. The iPhone, Apple Watch and possibly AirPods would then be scheduled for today, with new iPads and Macs discussed at a later date.

It remains to be seen when that second event would follow, but it will probably be October. Then Apple often presents new iPads.

Tonight’s big Apple news is already out on the streets: we know this | Tech
Source link Tonight’s big Apple news is already out on the streets: we know this | Tech

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