Toussaint becomes European champion on 50 backstroke, De Waard cleverly third

Swimming calculating when possible, playing mercilessly when necessary. Kira Toussaint showed on the third day of the European title fight that she knows how to win a gold medal on a sprint number like the 50 meter backstroke.

Toussaint (30), who already reached 27.10 in Eindhoven this year, seemed to be the favorite of the non-Olympic number prior to the tournament. Yet it was the Scottish Kathleen Dawson who seemed to have the best credentials in Budapest.

Based on the series and the semi-final, Dawson started with a slight lead. In the two starts for the final, she first clocked 27.29 and then 27.19. Toussaint could only put a lesser run against that: 27.60 and 27.22.

In the battle for the medals, however, the tables had turned. After a far from flawless race Toussaint finished in 27.36, Dawson came to 27.46. Laughing third was Maaike de Waard, who caused a resounding surprise by taking the bronze with 27.74.

Toussaint can call himself the first Dutch to win a medal at a European Championship on the shortest distance of backstroke swimming. Until Wednesday, the fourth place that Hinkelien Schreuder took in 2010 from the water of the outdoor swimming pool on the Margaret Island of Budapest was the best result.

Kamminga and Corbeau

In the semifinals of the 200th school, Arno Kamminga made it clear that he had mastered how to get through a tournament like the European title fight. After the silver in the 100th school, behind the unapproachable Briton Adam Peaty, the 25-year-old Katwijker wants to strike at double distance on Thursday. In the series he set the fastest time on the program with 2.07.39, in the semi-finals he applied the handbrake: 2.08.31.

Nevertheless, the former rescue swimmer 25-year-old Katwijker is the man who seems to have the most claim to the European title in the battle for gold on Thursday, the first international prize in his budding career. He knows himself in the last eight seconds by Caspar Corbeau, who placed eighth with 2.09.97.

The 19-year-old Corbeau, who normally trains in the United States and registered with Kamminga’s trainer Mark Faber just before the European title fight, thus gets one last chance to enforce an Olympic starting ticket. He must meet the limit, which is set at 2.08.52. Corbeau’s personal best, swum earlier this year, is 2.08.57.

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Toussaint becomes European champion on 50 backstroke, De Waard cleverly third
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