Toyota Yaris GR MN unveiled: a sharpened katana

Toyota presents a refined version of the GR Yaris at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2022: the Yaris GR MN. There will be a total of 500 pieces, exclusively for Japan. The Japanese can get a copy by drawing lots. Before the selected customers receive their Yaris GR MN, Toyota involves them intensively in the tuning of their car. Like the ‘regular’ GR, the GR MN rolls off the production line at the Toyota factory in Motomachi, Japan. The first deliveries are planned for the summer of 2022.

The ‘hanging’ rear wing is new and specific to the Yaris GR MN ‘Circuit pack’

What’s new about the GR MN?

Until now we only knew the Yaris GR without MN. The additional type designation ‘MN’ stands for ‘Meister of Nürburgring’. The GR MN is further finely ground in several areas compared to the ‘normal’ GR Yaris.

Firstly, a slimming diet saves 20 kg. In addition, it has become 10 mm lower and 10 mm wider. The rear seat – which we already found unnecessary in the driving test – has made way for a roll bar; partly because of this, the GR MN gets a stiffer body. Finally, the gearbox has a different transmission ratio. The first four gears are shorter, the fifth and sixth gears are longer; as befits a real rally car. According to the Gazoo Racing test drivers, the GR MN offers even better cornering performance because it has more grip and braking power than the regular GR Yaris. That is promising!

Recaro bucket seats and a roll cage: yum!

A set of Recaro bucket seats is an option; hopefully that will solve the problem of the high seating position. The hood, roof and rear spoiler are made of woven carbon fiber. In addition, the hood is equipped with a large ventilation grille in the middle. Underneath we find the well-known 1.6 3-cylinder turbo engine with intercooler. In the GR MN it is good for 272 hp and 390 Nm.

Thanks in part to these carbon parts, Gazoo Racing achieves a weight reduction of 20 kg

Versions Toyota Yaris GR MN

In terms of versions, there is a choice of a Circuit package and a Rally package. The first of these is an extra limited edition. Toyota is going to build 50 units. The Yaris GR MN with Circuit package is the only version that you can order in the color ‘matte steel’ at an additional cost. The Circuit package also consists of 18 inch BBS wheels, adjustable Bilstein shock absorbers and extra carbon goodies, such as a bumper lip and a ‘hanging’ rear spoiler.

If you check the Rally package, you will realize the first Yaris that is definitively inaccessible to the elderly. You get the GR rollbar with an extra bar between the doors and seats. This version also includes a set of GR shock absorbers and special stabilizer bars. Finally, the bottom is provided with extra protection, so that you can safely navigate rougher terrains.

Toyota Yaris GR MN ‘Rally pack’

‘It fits like a glove’

By means of a personalization program, each copy can be adjusted to the wishes of the customer. Toyota, for example, collects data on all circuits in Japan to optimize the car in terms of software and hardware for each situation. GR riders can have the desired settings applied in so-called GR Garages. These are Toyota dealers that are allowed to sell GR-specific products. The personalization program must ensure that the buyer can put on his or her Toyota Yaris GR MN like a glove.

The GR MN is a true JDM icon

Although an important part of the GR MN’s development took place at the German Nürburgring, we will not see the production model in Europe for the time being. Toyota keeps the Yaris GR MN exclusive to the Japanese market; so it’s a real JDM car. In addition to all its improvements, this probably makes it an even more desirable collector’s item. Do you already have a GR Yaris on your doorstep and are you now disappointed that the GR MN is passing you by? No worries; from the autumn of 2022, Toyota GR MN will sell specific parts separately.

Toyota Yaris GR MN unveiled: a sharpened katana
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