Traffic artery A12 open again after thorough renovation of the road surface

A12 closed

Due to the thorough refurbishment, the A12 was closed from September 27 to October 7, 2021 in the direction of Utrecht to The Hague. ‘We worked 24 hours a day to be able to reopen the A12 on time for road users. With the completion of the work and the removal of the deposits, this was achieved in the morning of October 7, 2021,” Rijkswaterstaat said on Thursday.

Thorough refurbishment

The A12 has undergone a thorough refurbishment in the past 9 days. Between Woerden and Nieuwerbrug, the asphalt over 4.5 km has been replaced over the full width by double-layer Very Open Asphalt Concrete ZOAB), this is very quiet asphalt. This asphalt is approximately 2 cm higher than the current asphalt, which meant that the verges and crash barrier had to be brought to the correct height.

Bad state

The A12 highway between Woerden and Nieuwerbrug was in poor technical condition and in need of maintenance. Temperature differences last winter caused holes in the road surface. With the new, quieter asphalt, this part of the A12 can take it for years again.


‘In addition, 23 km of new lines were installed, 38 detection loops were replaced, we replaced 8 joint transitions for quieter joints, replaced broken lighting, mowed and made concrete repairs to viaducts. An extensive job that went on 24/7. Due to this extensive maintenance, this part of the A12 is ready for the future again and the environment is less affected by highway noise. The A12 towards Utrecht is in better condition and will be tackled at a later date’, says Rijkswaterstaat.

Short and intense

‘We deliberately opted for a short closure with severe disruption. With a complete closure of several days in a row, we have done a lot of work in a short time. And we were able to guarantee the safety of road users and road workers better than with short-term closures’. Environment manager Stef Kampinga says: ‘It was a big job that was short, intense and unavoidable. We have worked with all our might 24/7 to be able to reopen the A12 towards The Hague on time and in good condition.’

Traffic artery A12 open again after thorough renovation of the road surface
Source link Traffic artery A12 open again after thorough renovation of the road surface

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