‘Travel providers provide insufficient information about financial risks’


On September 29, 2021, the Consumers’ Association conducted a sample of 10 travel organizations. It concerns the following travel organizations: ANWB Reizen, Corendon, Expedia Travel, KLM Holidays (AirTrade), Prijsvrij, Sunweb, The Travel Club,, TUI and Dé VakantierDiscounter.


Only KLM Holidays actively points out the financial risks of a trip to an orange area when booking. ANWB Reizen, Sunweb, The Travel Club and TUI indicate that travelers will get their money back if they receive negative travel advice. However, they do not state that this only applies if the area was yellow or green at the time of booking.

No coverage to orange areas

Four travel providers (ANWB Reizen, Corendon, Expedia and Sunweb) recommend travel insurance that does not cover travel to orange areas. This is apparent from their fine print (dated October 7, 2021). For example, they do not cover medical costs, accidents and luggage. However, it is unclear how current those conditions are. For example, 2 travel providers used insurance conditions from 2019, while many insurers now cover trips to orange destinations.

Compare travel insurance

The Consumers’ Association advises travelers without suitable travel insurance to take out after careful comparison. You can do that on handy comparison sites. This prevents you from taking out worthless travel insurance with your travel provider and traveling uninsured. The Consumers’ Association also calls on travel providers to organize their insurance information.

evade duty

Sandra Molenaar: ‘Providers of travel to orange destinations who do not actively inform their customers of the financial risks in advance are evading their statutory duty of care and information. We have therefore shared our findings with regulator ACM. In addition, we have requested the ANVR to point out to its members their obligations and to ensure that they inform their customers of their rights and the financial risks before booking.’

‘Travel providers provide insufficient information about financial risks’
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