Trending Crypto Projects You Should Definitely Follow to in 2022

Nowadays, all modern people are aware of the global phenomena called cryptocurrency (or simply crypto). It allows for earning digital money that can be exchanged into any local currency. People earn from hundreds to millions of dollars annually. It’s only necessary to determine what projects are profitable and reliable for investments.

Visit this page to learn more facts about the best crypto projects in 2022. is a reliable platform that offers only trustworthy and updated news about all possible crypto trends and funds that may enrich your income. Right now, we will show 7 amazing projects that may be very profitable for you.

Sandwich Network

The first trend is called Sandwich Network. It offers a wide range of possibilities for crypto lovers. Its main benefits are as follows:

Plato Farm

The second crypto trend for 2022 is called Plato Farm. This game is about developing a farm and turning it in a real city. You will enjoy various contests. Use MARK and PLATO to trade and exchange tools, upgrades, and so on. These are the in-game tokens. Join guilds to become stronger.

It offers the next prerogatives:

Game Lounge

The third variant for you is Game Lounge. It is developed by MoonStarter team, and it uses a multichain launchpad. You may increase your tokens by participation in various tournaments. Besides, it is possible to compete in a multitude of P2E games and 1-to-1 fights. Here are the main advantages of this crypto project:


Another worthy option is called Monsterra. It is a simple game that includes farming, growing, and battling. You will be able to participate in various events that are catchy and help to earn money. Here are its main dividends:


One more project to consider is Vlaunch. It is a specific project, which collaborates and supports various chains. Among the most famous are Polygen, Ethereum (ETH), Fantom Protocol (FTM), Binance Smart Chain (BSC), and others. Here are the best advantages it offers:

Chumbi Valley

You should also give heed to Chumbi Valley. It is a role-playing game, which is based on blockchain technology. The game is inspired by Pokémon. You will deal with farming, crafting, breeding, battling, and exploration. It offers the next benefits:

UNQ Club

Finally, we have come up with the last crypto project on the list. It is called UNQ Club. It is a no-code ownership DAO platform. This project provides the next dividends:

Wrapping Up

All the options highlighted in our review are very beneficial for all crypto lovers. Each project has certain benefits that may be useful for you. Try each of them to define which one works better for you and earn a lot of money!


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