Trouble between Verstappen and Hamilton in free practice: ‘Stupid idiot’

Formula 1 drivers Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton have already got into a fight in free practice. The Dutchman called the Briton a ‘stupid idiot’ and treated the Mercedes driver to a middle finger.

Hamilton and Verstappen did not give each other an inch on the hot Austin (Texas) circuit, which caused frustration for Verstappen. “Haantjes behaviour”, says Formula 1 commentator Louis Dekker about the incident. “Hamilton was festering and delivered a teasing punch to screw up Verstappen’s fastest lap.

According to Dekker, we should not take the incident too seriously. “This is part of the titan fight.” The fight for the United States Grand Prix will continue tomorrow, during qualifying (11 p.m. Dutch time). The race is on Sunday, at 9 p.m.

The bumpy track can add an extra dimension to the battle. During the free practice sessions, it was noticed that many drivers made sliders. Verstappen said little about the incident with Hamilton, but did say that driving on this circuit is not easy.

The engines of Mercedes turned out to be a problem child. Valtteri Bottas, teammate of Lewis Hamilton, received a grid penalty and has to give up five places on Sunday, because he is already ready for his sixth combustion engine of this season.

The director of the Mercedes race stable, Toto Wolff, says he takes the engine problems seriously. “Of course I will not reveal where the Achilles heel is, because I do not want to make our major competitor Red Bull Racing any wiser than they already are. It is not only bad for Valtteri, but also for our customer teams Aston Martin, McLaren and Williams. hard on ourselves, because the problems have already cost a lot of World Cup points.”

Wolff is aware that the engine problems could play a role in the title battle between Verstappen and Hamilton. “A dropout may decide this championship. That goes for Lewis versus Max as well as for us versus Red Bull Racing. We obviously want to extend both titles. Valtteri will play a big role in the rest of the season because he can keep points away from Max and Lewis to the title, and at the same time get us to the Constructors’ Championship.”

The first American Formula 1 edition in two years is therefore at least the next chapter in the blood-curdling battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton. The gap between the two drivers is negligible: six points, with six grand prixs to go. A maximum of 159 World Cup points can be earned in the remaining races.

Former teammate of Verstappen, Daniel Ricciardo, about the title fight: “In the past, Max was sometimes too eager, impatient and on the wild side. That sometimes led to unnecessary mistakes, but that time has passed. He has grown enormously and has had some great seasons and I’m really impressed with his progression.

According to the Australian, Verstappen is able to win this battle with Hamilton. “The head is strong on the shoulders. I also don’t think it is a huge advantage for Hamilton that he already has so much experience in winning titles. They can both do it. I’m sure of that and this season shows that. “It’s been a neck-and-neck race all year. Wonderful for the fans and exactly what this sport needs. I hope it will be decided in the last race. That would make it extra nice.”

Trouble between Verstappen and Hamilton in free practice: ‘Stupid idiot’
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