Trump disappointed: ‘Supreme Court let us down’

US President Trump seems disappointed after the defeat he suffered last night at the Supreme Court. The court dismissed a case brought by Texas against four other states that Trump had called his best shot at being recognized as the winner of the election.

This defeat is seen as a fatal blow to his efforts to challenge the election results.

Trump tweeted that the Supreme Court has “really let us down. No wisdom. No courage.” He also complained that the court dismissed the case “in the blink of an eye,” even though he got a record number of votes.

The decision of the court gives the green light for the vote of the 570 electors meeting Monday. Biden will then be formally elected president by 306 votes to 232.


The case had been brought to the Supreme Court by Texas attorney Ken Paxton. He claimed that Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin had illegally changed election procedures to make postal voting easier and allow Biden to win.

Biden won a total of 62 electoral votes in those states, although Trump had initially been well ahead in counting the votes.

It is unprecedented for a state to sue other states. Texas argued that the state had the right to require all other states to abide by presidential election rules. The argument was that other states are harmed if a state breaks federal laws to influence the outcome of the presidential election.

Short shrift

Although the charge was backed by 17 other states and more than 100 Republican Congressmen, the Supreme Court made short work of it. In a brief statement, the court stated that Texas had not shown that the state could interfere with the way other states organize the elections.

Other arguments by Texas were not even considered, such as the claim that the odds that Biden would turn his backlog in all four states into a victory was “less than 1 in a trillion” (1,000,000,000,000,000).

New Chief Justices

For Trump, the rejection is all the more disappointing because he has appointed three chief justices as president, giving the Conservatives a 6-to-3 majority in the Supreme Court.

Shortly before the election, he pushed for the appointment of Amy Coney Barrett, which was celebrated with a party of the top of the Republican Party in the garden of the White House. But Barrett and the two other chief justices appointed by Trump also supported the Texas complaint’s rejection.

Trump still does not accept his defeat, and his attorney Rudy Giuliani says his legal resources have not yet been exhausted.

Trump disappointed: ‘Supreme Court let us down’
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