Twitter takes Willem Engel accounts offline after sharing address Sigrid Kaag | Tech

Twitter has suspended Willem Engel’s two accounts, the Virus Truth foreman confirms to this site. That happened after he shared address details of Sigrid Kaag on the social platform. Whether that is really the reason is not yet clear.

Willem Engel’s page states that Twitter suspends accounts that violate the Twitter rules. The tweets on the account are no longer visible to users of the social medium. Only Twitter can suspend an account. In recent days, Engel has been reported several times by users.

Engel does not agree with the suspension and says he wants to take Twitter to court. His accounts have been removed for allegedly breaking the rules by posting ‘manipulative content and spam’. “They don’t give an example of that,” said Engel

The Virus Truth himself thinks that Twitter has removed the accounts because he shared a photo last week showing the house number and zip code of Minister of Finance Sigrid Kaag. His third Twitter account under the name of Virus Truth is still up and running.

Burning torch

Last week, a man was arrested for standing in front of Kaag’s house with a burning torch and shouting conspiracy slogans. Not much later, Engel shared a photo of an information request with the Land Registry on Twitter. The house number and zip code of Kaag were visible in the photo, without having been made illegible. Kaag filed a complaint about this.

On the same day, Engel deleted the image, writing that sharing the photo was “in no way” a “call or incitement to intimidation or violence or threat”. “We are decent people,” he said. According to him, it is about ‘transparency of someone who becomes Minister of Finance’.

Previous incident

Twitter already suspended an account of Engel last summer after he posted a controversial tweet about footballer Christian Eriksen. Engel suggested that Eriksen’s unwellness was related to vaccinations and called for the shots to be stopped.

He received a lot of angry reactions and an unknown number of people reported the message to Twitter. Twitter suspended the @willem_engel account and made the tweet about Eriksen invisible. His old tweets remained visible. Engel was then able to tweet via the account of his dance school, @dancalegria. That account is now suspended.

Incident torch

The incident around Sigrid Kaag’s house caused a lot of stir last week. The D66 leader said last week that she found the incident with the torch ‘threatening and terrifying’. “The systematic threat to politicians undermines the rule of law and democracy,” Kaag said in a statement. “That means that we all have a role and responsibility. We cannot let it pass in silence.”

Politicians are more often threatened at their homes. Former corona minister Hugo de Jonge said last week in the Op1 program that he experienced threats and intimidation near his home on an almost daily basis. A police post has since been placed in his street.

Twitter takes Willem Engel accounts offline after sharing address Sigrid Kaag | Tech
Source link Twitter takes Willem Engel accounts offline after sharing address Sigrid Kaag | Tech

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