Two million workers are not saving their pensions

It’s five to twelve. If we do nothing, there will soon be a major loss of hundreds of thousands of people who cannot save their pensions,’ says Patrick Fey, vice-chairman of CNV and pension negotiator.

RVU control
In the 2019 pension agreement, the social partners agreed on the RVU (Early Retirement Scheme), which should make it easier to stop working earlier. The net amount that people then have to live on (1200 euros per month) is too low for 63% of the respondents to be able to stop earlier. Due to the tight labor market, employers are also reluctant to send people into retirement earlier, according to 55% of the respondents.


A quarter of the respondents would like to switch to a job with less heavy work. In half of this group, however, the employer does not want people to switch to less demanding work. In addition, a majority of 77% has no opportunity to retrain for other types of work.

‘Many workers are trapped in a job that is too heavy. They cannot make it until their retirement age, but they cannot switch to less demanding work either. Employers must therefore also take action. We call on them to invest in the sustainable employability of their employees. Many employees over the age of 50 have a wealth of experience and are of great value to a company. It’s a shame if this group drops out too soon after a lifetime of hard work,’ says Fey.

45 years of work

Two-thirds of those surveyed say that anyone who has worked for 45 years should be able to retire. Fey: ‘The social partners also suggested this before. The minister does not like that. It would be impracticable and unaffordable. But with these figures, a solution to this problem is inevitable.’

In Belgium, the Minister of Pensions is now proposing to be able to retire at 60 after a career of 42 years. ‘What is impracticable and unaffordable in the Netherlands, apparently is possible in Belgium. It would be nice if the Netherlands followed Belgium’s example and allowed workers a decent old age.’

Two million workers are not saving their pensions
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