Typhoon rages through Asia: more than 100 dead in India, hard-hit China braces itself again | Abroad

Severe storms in the western Indian state of Maharashtra have killed at least 112 people. Dozens of others are still missing. In recent days, a record amount of rain has fallen during the monsoon, the annual rainy season, causing numerous floods and landslides. China, which was badly hit by storms last week, can also wet its chest again: typhoon In-Fa is coming (again) and is also hitting Japan and Taiwan.

In India, the death toll has now risen to at least 112, dozens of people are still missing and hundreds of places have been closed off from the outside world. They no longer have electricity and drinking water. Regional media reported that this is the heaviest rainfall in Maharashtra in the past 40 years. “It is raining more than the known limits,” said the state’s highest minister, Uddhav Thackeray. “This is an unprecedented crisis.” According to the weather forecast, it will continue to rain heavily in the area in the coming days.

Dams and rivers overflow. We even have to let water through at dams. People living on the river are being evacuated to higher places.

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The Raigad District in Maharashtra. © EPA

Dozens dead and missing

At least 47 people have been killed by landslides in the Raigad region. Due to the large amount of rain, the ground has turned into mud in many places and is starting to shift. The town of Taliye, about 180 kilometers southeast of Mumbai, had to deal with such a mudslide. More than 50 people died in nine other landslides in other parts of Maharashtra state. About 15 people died in accidents caused by the heavy rain. Dozens of people are known to be still trapped in their homes, dozens of others are missing. The death toll could therefore rise significantly.

Hundreds of people have already been rescued by the air force and navy in recent days. Much infrastructure has been destroyed by the storm. Roads, bridges and buildings have disappeared. That, and the abundance of water, make rescue operations difficult.

The heavy rainfall during the monsoon also causes the neighboring states of Karnataka and Telangana to deal with flooding rivers. According to the Indian government, the local authorities are keeping their finger on the pulse.

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Kolhapur, in the Indian state of Maharashtra.
Kolhapur, in the Indian state of Maharashtra. © AP


Other parts in Asia have also had to deal with severe weather in recent days. At least 51 people have been killed in China’s Henan province. The heavy rain showers, partly caused by typhoon In-Fa, are now moving north. The bad news: The typhoon is now moving towards the country again and may hit the east coast of the country on Sunday or Monday.

In the past three days, some places in Henan have received as much rain as normally falls in a year. Many roads have been destroyed and much of the affected province has been inundated with a layer of mud. In the provincial capital of Zhengzhou, highways overflowed and the subway system overflowed three days ago. At least twelve people were killed and more than 500 travelers were rescued. In the city of 12 million inhabitants, more than 400,000 people were evacuated. Many people have been brought to safety by special boats or helicopters. Video images show that in some places only treetops are above the water. It was said on Chinese state television that the damage amounted to about 9 billion euros.

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Rescue workers in the Chinese provincial capital of Zhengzhou.
Rescue workers in the Chinese provincial capital of Zhengzhou. © AFP

Typhoon In-Fa

Typhoon In-Fa is now approaching the east coast of China. There, the foothills of the storm have already poured a lot of rain, as well as on Taiwan, the Philippines and the southern islands of Japan. It also resulted in flooding and landslides in the Philippines.

The Chinese meteorological center expects the storm to linger in the eastern region and cause heavy rainfall there for an extended period of time next weekend. During high tides, flood warnings are in effect on the East China coast. Fishing boats are being asked to stay in their ports and people living in lower areas are being evacuated.


Typhoon rages through Asia: more than 100 dead in India, hard-hit China braces itself again | Abroad
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